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Ethiopia confirms six more Coronavirus patients, total number 35

Coronavirus patients number is steadily growing in Ethiopia although the number of people who got tested is very small

Ethiopia _ COVID 19 update

April 3, 2020

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health disclosed on Friday that six more cases of Coronavirus patients confirmed in the country from a total of seventy-four people tested in the last twenty-four hours. 

Five of the new patients are from the capital Addis Ababa, and one of the patients is from Dire Dawa, in the South East of the Country.  Two patients who are confirmed in Addis Ababa are said to have travel history, and they entered the country before Ethiopia introduced compulsory two weeks isolation upon arrival in the country, according to a report from the Ministry of Health. They arrived in Ethiopia on March 17 and March 19, 2020. 

The remaining patients do not have travel history. 

The total number of confirmed cases in the country is 35. The Ministry of Health said on Thursday this week that three of the patients have recovered from it. One patient is reportedly in critical condition and no reports of death so far. 

Ethiopia has a limited number of testing facilities, and many Ethiopians are concerned that the number of COVID 19 patients could be much higher if more and more people are tested for it. 

Based on the trend so far, a considerable number of Ethiopia’s confirmed cases did have travel history, mainly to the United Arab Emirates. And many of the cases are established in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Dire Dawa, Nazret (Adama), and Bahir Dar the other cities where confirmed COVID 19 patients are found. 

The Ethiopian government seems to have adopted a two-pronged response to the COVID 19. On the one hand, it has introduced several measures that are focused on preventing the disease, including border closures and a range of social distancing measures to which even religious institutions in the country responded positively. 

One the other hand, it is extensively engaged in resource mobilization for possible crisis management trends. Hundreds of millions of Ethiopian birr have been raised from businesses, religious organizations, and individuals. Several dozens of property owners, including people who own big hotels, have offered their properties to serve as treatment centers if the need arises.  In the diaspora, Ethiopians have resorted to the crowdfunding option exploiting GoFundMe platform to help their country respond to the health emergency. 

The World Bank came up with a $160 billion funding support to low-income countries over 15 months to support response to COVID 19 pandemic. Ethiopia is poised to get $82 million in the form of donations and loans

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  1. This rate of infection cannot be called stabilized but because it is still in its rehearsal mode. I am afraid the onslaught will eventually follow. When you ask the question as to how many of the citizens there have access to potable water or in some cases any water source nearby with soap at hand, the answer will be not be encouraging or good news at all. Not all!! Most of us had heard how the 1918 Flu Pandemic devastated that country. Who knows how many millions perished in it? May The Almighty Save Those People!!!


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