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Ethiopia reports 26 confirmed Coronavirus cases,Dire Dawa latest city

Ethiopia reports one more coronavirus patient. The latest patient is from Dire Dawa city in South East part of Ethiopia

Coronavirus update _ Ethiopia
Photo file/ Ministry of Health

March 31, 2020

The number of Coronavirus patients in Ethiopia is increasing, sometimes the numbers changing twice a day, although not exponentially.

On Tuesday before noon, the Ministry of Health confirmed three more cases of the disease, making the total number of confirmed cases in the country 25. In the afternoon, one more person was confirmed, and not the total number in the country is 26.

According to the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Institute tested 66 people over the past 24 hours. Three people are confirmed to be.

The 16th patient in the country tested negative three times, which means that she has fully recovered.

The latest COVID 19 positive case is identified as a 42 years old Man. He reportedly arrived in Bole International Airport on March 18 from Australia, before Ethiopia regulated mandatory two weeks quarantine for all travelers arriving in the country, and then traveled to Dire Dawa.  

“The patient is under treatment in the designated treatment center in Dire Dawa,” said the statement from the Ministry of Health.

It is unclear if the patient used Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa, and if all those who were in contact with him are quarantined or not.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are currently 22 COVID 19 patients in the treatment center, and two of the patients are in critical condition. Two patients who are Japanese nationals have already departed to their country over a week ago. And two patients recovered from it.

All the three patients confirmed on March 31 did have travel history. Two patients aged 30 and 36 Ethiopians who arrived in Ethiopia from Dubai in an unspecified airline on March 24. They showed the systems in less than a week after they arrived in Ethiopia based on information from the Ministry of Health.

The third patient is identified as a 60 years old resident of Addis Ababa who returned to the country on March 15 from a trip to France.

All three patients are in COVID 19 patients’ isolation centers. Again, it is unclear if the government is tracing those who have been in contact with the latest patients.

However, no reported case of death at this writing.

In the past one week, COVID 19 patients have been confirmed in Bahir Dar, Nazret (Adama), and Dire Dawa. Most, if not all, regional states have banned inter-regional public transportation.

Transportation services in urban centers are restricted in a way to operate with 50 percent of their carrying capacity in the interest of observing social distancing.

On Tuesday, Amhara regional state introduced total lockdown in Bahir Dar city, the seat of the regional state, and three other towns in the region, namely Enjibara, Tilili, and Addis Kidam.

Meanwhile, the Federal government has reported that it has raised more than 150 million birr in cash and other in-kind support to finance the prevention campaign across the country.

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  1. May Our Beloved People Prevail!!!!

    There are a lot of articles out there written by many scholars where many of them are in agreement about COVID-19 and many others debunking each other. But there is one very obvious fact. The virus is new and nothing like any other contagious viruses. There are stark projections out there. Some experts are forecasting a death toll to more than 200,000 here in the USA alone between now and June with the spike happening in the next two weeks. That is if we ignore the mitigating steps we as common citizens should observe strictly as our experts advised. So dear compatriots!! Let’s hunker down and obey the do’s and don’ts as outlined in the President’s handout. This is not a joke. This is not funny and this virus is not to fool around with. You should protect yourself so you will not infect the most vulnerable, the elderly and those with underlining health issues. We had come together on the hills and ravines of Adwa 124 years ago and beaten a bully who came there to kill us all but we beat the living daylight out of him until swore by his mama. We are faced this time by a new bully and we can beat him also. Let’s unite behind our leaders here and join the bitter fight. Let’s couple the do’s and don’ts with our daily prayers. Let’s throw ourselves at the feet of The Almighty Our Creator and beg for his blessings and forgiveness!!! This shall pass!!!!!


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