Ethiopia: Diplomatic Missions of new ambassadors revealed

Diplomatic Missions of new ambassadors revealed. Former Attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye is Ethiopia’s new ambassador to Australia

Ethiopia _ Diplomatic Missions
Some of the the newly appointed Ambassadors. Grahpic EZ. Source : MFAE social media page

March 26, 2020

In early March 2020, the Ethiopian government announced the appointment of new ambassadors without disclosing the lists of countries to which they are assigned.

Seemingly, the “appointment” came in the wake of a modest shake-up in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet. Among the noticeable ones were Berhanu Tsegaye, who was serving as Attorney general, and Gina Bacha, who was serving as president of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia since July 2018. Hirut Zemene, state minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was also included in the lists of “appointment.”

Today, the ministry has announced the countries to which the new ambassadors are going. The update from the department is dated March 20, 2020, but was shared on March 26 instead.

The list is as follows :

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

  1. H.E. Ambassador Berhanu Tsegaye, Amb. to Australia, Canberra
  2. H.E. Ambassador Yealem Tsegaye, Amb. to Cuba, Havana
  3. H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene, Amb. to Belgium, Brussels
  4. H.E. Ambassador Dr. Markos Tekele, Amb. to Egypt, Cairo
  5. H.E. Ambassador Bacha Gina, Amb. to Morocco, Rabat
  6. H.E. Ambassador Yibeltal Aemero, Amb. to Sudan, Khartoum
  7. H.E. Ambassador Mihereteab Mulugeta, Amb. to Eritrea, Asmara
  8. H.E. Ambassador Nebiat Getachew, Amb. to Algeria, Algiers
  9. H.E. Ambassador Teferi Meles, Amb. to UK, London


  1. H.E. Ambassador Adgo Amsaya, Deputy Chief of Mission in Sweden, Stockholm
  2. H.E. Ambassador Jemal Beker, Consul General in Bahrain, Manama
  3. H.E. Ambassador Abdu Yasin, Consul General in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
  4. H.E. Ambassador Legese Geremew, Consul General in Canada, Ottawa
  5. H.E. Ambassador Eyerusalem Amdemariam , Consul General in Dubai, UAE
  6. H.E. Ambassador Shiberu Mamo, Consul General in USA, Minnesota

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

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