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Gondar region security incident left at least three injured

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) confirmed the Gondar security incident on Thursday. It has called on the government to exercise caution not to violate human rights of citizens.

Gondar _ FANO

March 20, 2020

At least three youth were reportedly wounded in a security incident in Gondar town, northwestern Ethiopia, on Thursday in the afternoon.  Security forces injured them as they were “trying to block roads to deter the mobility of security forces who were on a mission to hunt for youth  group leaders

Gondar and Dabat areas were rocked with gunfire on Thursday in the afternoon and Friday morning. The clash involved security forces of the region backed by the Federal Police, as Andafta media reported it, on the one hand, and groups who consider themselves as FANO, a loosely organized youth organization in the region whose resistance during the struggle against TPLF turned the project around. 

An unspecified number of security forces are also reportedly wounded.  Some who claim to be an eyewitness account, as reported by ESAT, say as many as seven people are killed and three injured but it is unclear if the casualties are on the side of  government forces or 

According to reports on social media, the clash on Thursday was because of a government operation to capture a prominent resistance leader in the region Arbegna Mesafint. 

Prosperity Party authorities in the Amhara region deny the allegation. The operation was never about capturing Mesafint. They say it was about rescuing the region from “heading to become a place for those who took the law in their own hands.” They depict it as a move to enforce the rule of law based on a request from community members in the region. It is not against FANO. 

“Those who caused problems in Gondar on Thursday and Friday have nothing to do with FANO. And They do not have FANO attributes. They are pursuing their own interest in the name of FANO,” the regional authorities said. 

Meanwhile, the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) has issued a brief statement on its social media page. The statement confirmed that there was a security incident in Gondar town and its surroundings on Thursday and Friday. 

However, NaMA did not blame any entity for it. It said, “it is investigating the cause of the problem.” While expressing that it stands “by our people,” the organization asked government authorities to exercise caution in its effort to enforce the rule of law and pay attention to respecting citizen’s human rights. 

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