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President Paul Kagame says scientific analysis by technical experts should be a base for cooperation in the Nile Basin

Rwandan President Paul Kagame _ Ethiopia _ Nile
Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde and Rwandan President Paul Kagame in Kigali. Photo credit : MFAE

March 18, 2020

H.E. President Sahle-Work exchanged views with the president of Rwanda, H.E. President Paul Kagame on Monday (March 16) in Kigali, on recent developments about the GERD talks.

In his remarks, H.E. President Paul Kagame underscored that cooperation among the Nile Basin countries should take into account the scientific analysis provided by technical experts.

As Egypt considers the Nile as a survival issue, it has to also acknowledge the natural rights of riparian countries to exploit the resource, Kagame added.

Noting that the Nile issue is an issue for all riparian countries, the Rwandan president called on to solve disputes over the river through Africa-based discussions and negotiation forums, adding that his country is committed to being part of the solution.

President Sahle-work for her part said Ethiopia has been committed to establishing the principle of reasonable and equitable water use among the Nile Basin countries.

Citing the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA), as an achievement that stems from Ethiopia’s commitment, the President underscored that Ethiopia has been working closely with the rest of the riparian countries.

Ethiopia has also been facilitating comprehensive engagements to address the concerns of the riparian countries since the inception of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, President Sahle-work added.

She hoped the 2015 Agreement on Declaration of Principles that was signed in Khartoum between Ethiopia, Sudan and, Egypt would be implemented and prove Ethiopia’s stance that the Nile Basin can be a source of cooperation rather than conflict and misunderstanding.

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  1. Let experieced farm developers , engineers and lobbyists get a chance to be represented, not finance economic experts only .

  2. You hear that el-Sisi? Brother Paul is telling you that ‘scientific analysis by technical experts should be a base for cooperation in the Nile Basin’. Scientific analysis by technical experts but not be long gone racist colonialists of 1929 or 59 or whatever they had concocted then. GERD will be ready and it will be filled without harming anyone. Full stop, end of story!!! Otherwise find someone who can read you a story or two by Scheherazade from her One Thousand and One Nights fairy tales. I suggest the story told in Fifth Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor! I think The Old Man of The Sea will fit the bill very well here and now!!! We know what you are trying to do. With new advisors guidance you are trying to foreclose the Nile on poor people!!!


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