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A British diplomat confirmed to be the 6th COVID 19 patient in Ethiopia

British Diplomat _ Ethiopia _ COVID 19
Credit : CNN

March 17, 2020

A 59 years old British Diplomat is confirmed to be the sixth Coronavirus patient in Ethiopia, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday. 

State media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), cited the Ministry to report that she entered the country from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

She reportedly arrived at Bole International Airport on March 16, 2020. 

And she was staying in an unspecified hotel in the capital. Ethiopian Public Health Institute said that it has a working relationship with hospitals and hotels and that it was tipped about the situation of the British diplomat. 

The institute advised her to isolate herself in the hotel(unspecified).  And the result for CVOID 19 turned out to be positive. She is currently staying in the center prepared for COVID 19 patients in the capital Addis Ababa and is said to be in a stable condition. 

The Ministry of Health is working on identifying persons who had contact with her. One identified, they would be isolated until the institute administers a test to determine if they have the virus or not. 

Three of the COVID 19 patients in Ethiopia are Japanese nationals, and two are Ethiopians. All patients are said to be in a stable condition. 

Ethiopian Public Health Institute identified 113 people who were in contact with the first patient, and 74 of them are confirmed to be free from the virus. One of them was Oromo regional state Education Bureau head, Tolla Beriso, who has been isolating himself since the first case was confirmed in the country. 

It is unclear if the remaining people who are identified after the confirmation of the first case are free.

Ethiopia started to scan travelers for COVID 19 upon arrival at Bole International Airport since January 2020.

Unlike Eritrea, the Ethiopian government, as things stand now, does not require travelers from Coronavirus infected countries to go through a mandatory 14 days quarantine upon arrival in Ethiopia.

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  1. The first three confirmed cases of CoronaVirus Covid-19 in Ethiopia are Japanese nationals who traveled to Ethiopia separately, with all these three Japanese nationals entering Ethiopia at different dates . These three Japanese nationals risked getting infected with CoronaVirus by traveling to Ethiopia, mainly to supervise all the meat poultry mass huge shipments they regularly take from Ethiopia to Japan. Ethiopians suffer malnutrition by selling their meat poultry to Japan. Japan is being a leach who is eating Ethiopians , with the majority of Ethiopians suffering from the Amino Acid deficiency which is vital for human beings brain functions among many other health benefits .

  2. correction
    1. She arrived here in Addis Ababa on March 2nd not March 16th, you can see again Dr. Lia’s tweet

    Thanks and Best Regards


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