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Egypt says Kenya supports “Egypt stance” in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam dispute

President Uhuru Kenyatta initiated a phone call to Egyptian President , “supported Egypt’s ‘positive stance’ ” on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, According to Egyptian News sources.

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March 17, 2020

President Uhuru Kenyatta phoned Egyptian President Abdul Fetah Al-Sisi on Tuesday and told him, “Kenya supports Egypt’s ‘positive stance'” regarding the dispute on Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to Ahram Online report which cited Egyptian President’s spokesperson, Bassam Rady. 

Kenyatta and Sisi reportedly discussed developments on GERD since the failure of the US-brokered agreement in late February 2020 on the filling and operation of the Dam.  The US and The World Bank became part of the negotiation as “observers” to the negotiation, but later the United States changed the role in a way to support Egypt, which “disappointed” Ethiopian authorities. Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia, David Shinn, slammed the Trump administration for putting unfair pressure on Ethiopia. 

According to Ahram Online’s report, Kenyatta described the Egyptian position as one that emanates from “sincere political will.” 

As Egypt mobilized the Arab League to support her position, which Ethiopia describes as one that violates the sovereignty of Ethiopia and the right to use water from the Nile, and all members of the Arab League except Sudan declared support to Egypt. 

Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Hassan Shoukry traveled to Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, and the European Union to solicit support against Ethiopia. 

This week, he is campaigning in Africa. He traveled to Burundi and South Africa. South Sudan, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, and Rwanda are next stops for the Egyptian Foreign Minister, according to Ahrma Online report. 

Egypt wants Egypt to fill the Dam between 7 and 21 years, and release water from the Dam whenever there is a drought situation in Egypt irrespective of the causes for the drought.

This past week, Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde met with the presidents of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda (all Nile riparian countries and part of the Cooperative Framework Argument). 

Sahle-Work reiterated Ethiopia’s commitment to equitable use of the Nile water. 

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni suggested a summit of all Nile riparian countries for a frank discussion on the use of the natural resource that is shared by ten African countries (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda) 

Sixty-five percent of Ethiopia’s 110 million population does not have access to electricity. The $5 billion worth of Ethiopia’s Mega Dam was first intended to generate 6000 MW of power both for local consumption and for export to neighboring Sudan.  Seventy percent of the construction is completed. 

Following the collapse of the Washington negotiation and rejection of the Egyptian position, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs describes as “intent to control Nile water,” Ethiopia is drafting a detailed agreement regarding the operation and filling of the GERD.  

Egypt’s diplomatic effort came much later after it escalated the matter to take any option to defend Egypt’s “historical right” over the Nile. The claim is based on the Colonial era agreement to which Ethiopia is not apart.  Ethiopia says that its defense force is ready to defend the Dam and take a retaliatory measure.

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  1. I would like to extend my sincere admiration to those of you who took it upon yourselves to stay constantly involved about the GERD hydroelectric power station issues , even if many times the Informations released in regards to this kinds of topics have a tendency to change depending on many reasons, such as the sources of the Informations or depending on when the new findings got presented since many times the released informations happen to loose validity as time goes on with new improvised actions are taken, that’s why it is so important to get updated from the Ethiopian Hospitality Mission which is currently said to be found in every part of the world . It is a proven fact that for a very long period of time, maybe even before Prince Rasselasa’s time who was the son of the then King Abyssinian empire who was known to practice synergy , since then the Ethiopian hospitality mission had managed to practice synergy around the world by tirelessly continuing to liberate many countries from the individuals tyrant’s who oppressed the people by preventing them.freedom which is essential for prosperity to reign, those people are at liberty now can freely access ample substantiated informations on a regular basis , same should be the case for the Egyptian people who had a proud rich history of nomadism even before the leadership times of Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti regularly traveling the areas currently called South Sudan and Sudan ,with the people of these countries now liberated from not being able to prosper by given the chance to be who they truly are as individuals and also as a whole people by the Ethiopian Hospitality mission it is the Egyptian people’s chance to be free also.

    As it had been witnessed by many by many that not too long ago both the noble South Sudanese people and the noble Sudanese people , both were successfully liberated from the tyrant Al B through the sacrifice made by the dedicated Ethiopian hospitality mission for the people of the noble South Sudanese and the noble Sudanese people who are currently very well in the process of achieving a fully dignified freedom by following the road map to prosperity proving to all about the current transition towards the inclusive prosperity through the synergy road map is currently put to the test and proven synergy is the way towards transitioning into prosperity for them.

    The Egyptian people are not doomed to stay in darkness while so many other countries across the board are liberated by the Ethiopian hospitality missions who currently are found spread across the globe in all coumtries of the world making Ethiopians the only nationalities to reside in all countries of the world at the same time being active in liberating those who are put down unfairly in whichever country they are as many data had indicated , that’s why all Egyptians should now feel reassured that the confident Ethiopian Hospitality mission has not forgoting them , to the contrary the Ethiopian hospitality mission who currently recognized the Egyptian people as one of the big missing piece in the synergy puzzle , to synergize the four countries namely Egypt , South Sudan , Sudan and Ethiopia on the road to prosperity the merging uniting of these four countries by becoming one strong prosperous country in all measures of prosperity including but not limited to prospering economically , the prospering of these four countries under the synergy prosperity brotherhood spirit into a one prosperous country seems a far cry for some but be assured it is inevitable if all people are given the ability to decide their own destiny freely , instead of continuing to remain as four different countries, the way forward is for these four countries to become four different states within one Prosperous Synergized with brotherhood country for the common good of all, even if currently many local economists in these four countries tend to differ with the idea of synergizing since most of these economists are fixated into just talking about other countries economic success story instead of prospering themselves economically by achieving economic prosperity for themselves , despite what these failed economists within the countries might say or not say , all the people of these four countries deep inside should strive to be free by cultivating their own economic know-how without being manipulated with the failed economists teachings since many of these failed economists do not even own a proper vehicle for themselves while they are too busy talking about others success , to get all these countries in the same page it is essential to adhere to the road of synergy , if one of these four countries is not free then it is safe to say that all four are not free also , with his lack of freedom one out of the four countries is experiencing having a negative impact on the Synergy Prosperity brotherhood medemer merger unity roadmap for all four, since synergy towards prosperity must include all four in the way forward no other option is there but for all to synergize and prosper together , there is only one and only one option present which is synergy , it is very important the people of these four countries come to terms with the only option left right now before more complicated agendas continue to arise which so far had shown the tendency of creating unnecessary confusions in many sensitive issues which will bring do many unforeseen outcomes unless they are treated properly , if left as is some of the issues are showing many signs of having the potential to get more and more complicated for unknown reasons , that’s why now is as good time as any to make it crystal clear to all that the exact roadmap in regards to what has been brewing up by the Ethiopian hospitality mission can be made a reality with the people of the all four countries exercising freedom along with the synergy prosperity hard work habit .

    Inorder to make sure nomore derailed dialogue continues it is time for the Egyptian people to reciprocate with the South Sudanese , with the Sudanese and last but not least with the Ethiopian people by being true to themselves and others about themselves while practicing the process of synergizing under Prosperity brotherhood umbrella right after taking urgently needed necessary measures that had prevented the Egyptian to freely engage in their own affairs of deciding the roadmap all Egyptians are presented with but shielded from grasping the opportunity to decide freely on which road they want to travel towards the light, so the people can freely step into the light where synergy can fully flourish all over in Egyptian people’s day to day life without any restricting power imposed on the Egyptian people preventing all Egyptian people from stepping into the light from the darkness they are being held captive in , it is just a matter of time since it is bound to happen sooner or later ,currently it is up to the people of Egypt to follow the exemplary role set forth by the noble South Sudanese people and the noble Sudanese people by making the Ethiopian hospitality mission succeed in solving the puzzle which seemed to have gone awry for quiet sometime for lack of economists that are tested by practice instead of just talking about others while they themsrlves donot even have a nice private car , these talk only with no action exhibited by the economic “elites” who continuously undermined the Ethiopian hospitality mission along with the wisdom of many well experienced engineering professionals who had conducted many feasibility studies for many many decades in regards to how to conduct projects by relying on scientifically proven facts rather than acting as the economists ‘elites” talk which they have learnt by simply who looking at others success just to report about it day in and day out as trying to imitate others success story without giving the full consideration to the fire situation which had been under professionally respected engineers scope of study for decades by the professionals spending a lifetime of monitoring in the area by performing feasible engineering studies non stop for decades . These engineers were failed by the economists doctors who illegally neglected the inputs of the qualified engineers during the execution period of this mega projects by not following proper protocol resulting in having the potential for the GERD vision to fail with tremendous losses incurred by the Ethiopian Commercial Bank who granted more than half the cost of these Gerd mega project by providing huge sums of loans for the GERD construction mega project without the bank customers along with the public not being made aware of the loan , the economist doctors of the country approved it , by until now continuing to defend their actions as if it was the correct action to be taken since they are doctors who spent years studying economics.

    capitalethiopia › Local News
    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s new book ‘Medemer’ (synergy) – Capital …

    ሱዳናውያን የታላቁ ሕዳሴ ግድብ ግንባታን በገንዘብ እንደሚደግፉ ገለጹ

  2. I don’t believe this ‘story’ by Egyptian newspaper. Nasser thru his lackey newspaper editors used to tell his people that Brezhnev was him in the war or in his preparation for war with Ezreeel and Amreekaa. Now nobody else in this wide world except Kenya? Kenya to gain nothing from offending its friendly neighbor? That is what the late Sadat correctly called an ‘Arab Psychology’. You remember what he told the Time Magazine in the late 1970’s after his historic official visit to Israel and the Camp David Accord? He was being maligned and called a traitor by every Arab country. He asked the reporter to come back and see him in a year. He told him that most of those countries will come back to him scrambling to get the first number on the card to talk to him. He reminded the reporter to learn a lesson or two about what he called ‘Arab psychology’. Sadat was talking the shouting bell curve Arab style. I love that man just for saying that.

  3. Subject: “Egypt says Kenya supports “Egypt stance” in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam dispute” borkena, March 17, 2020

    QUOTE: “President Uhuru Kenyatta phoned Egyptian President Abdul Fetah Al-Sisi on Tuesday and told him, “Kenya supports Egypt’s ‘positive stance’” “UNQUOTE

    Commentary, 17 Mar 2020
    I wonder, what Jomo Kenyata would have said?
    Obviously, the off-spring has a personal hidden ‘revenge’ of ‘petite’ size. We have seen those characteristics on many occasions, in different places, around the Globe. Didn’t we?
    I hope that Ethiopia will handle it with its historical gracefulness and firm diplomacy.(tchewannet).

  4. We don’t care for bunch of Jackasses. We will do it anyway.Going around and seeking illogical support from other countries doesn’t help the problem,or can’t make Egypt’s inconsiderate idea of the so-called “historical right” fair.Keep in mind,we never be colonized ,for that matter,so Egypt better demand its nonsense historical right from UK.

  5. Wow! Why are you echoing such a total disgrace fake news. They used to it. This is exactly how they want to look like. I read the original store after 3 hours of its published. I know they are wishing for such a thing to happen. They live by myth.

  6. History came from Nature.No nature no history!Egypt keep saying having historical right but Ethiopia have NATURAL RIGHT.Never ever Ethiopian gave up their integrity for Foreign countries. We are aware of our historical and natural enemies * keep fighting .You will see the looser sooner or later!

  7. We Ethiopia has the right to use our natural resource. The law to use natural resources is equal to ETHIOPIA, USA and Egypt and for other countries . Ethiopia has no interest to attack the neighboring countries.

    I think Kenya has no such kind of history, and it face news.

  8. Dear editors of this esteemed website. How do you allow this loose lip desecrate and muddy Borkena with using the vile word of the eyal-al-souqs, the F word? I/most of us consider this website a family show. That is not in our glorious culture. Just look at it!!! Blow him out of here.

      • Dear Editors:

        Thank you for looking into the matter. We are known to be polite, upright and cultivated people at the same time we know how to fight off savage those who dare to touch our pride. Using such words so vile to any taste is the behavior of those who grew up unattended at bazaars, eyal-al-souqs. This has nothing to do with freedom of expression. I am not sure the capabilities available to you in moderating your platform. I hope there is a search and redact mechanism is built in it. The ‘F’ and ‘G’ words are the most common despisable ones yokelish people use. You should throw them out of here. That would a blessing. Thank you again and make sure to heed what the experts are telling us to do to ward off this killer scourge. May The Almighty Blanket Us All From This Deadly Virus.

  9. Thank you dear editors for your excellent housekeeping. Such potty mouths think they are becoming civilized when they use profanity in their utterances. Websites such as yours can be used to teach our younger generation a thing or two about the old country thousands of miles away. Keep up the good work.



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