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Ethiopian House of Peoples Representatives cancels scheduled session due to COVID 19

Ethiopian House of Peoples Representative was supposed to meet on Tuesday to discuss regulations that will govern Ethiopian Press Agency, among other things

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March 16, 2020

Ethiopian House of People’s Representative cancels a regular session scheduled for March 17, 2020.  The House did so as the number of people infected with Coronavirus climbs to 5. 

It is unknown how long the House will remain closed, but the House disclosed on its social media page that it would announce when it is opening. 

The House was supposed to meet on Tuesday to discuss and approve minutes of the meeting from the 14th regular session, to hear performance reports of the Ministry of Transport and adopt the Ethiopian Press Agency Human Resource Management regulation, among other things.   

Ethiopia declared on Monday the closure of schools in the country for the next two weeks, and all major sporting events, including the Premier League,  and large meetings are canceled. 

On Monday, March 16, 2020, the Ministry of Health confirmed that five people have tested positive, and follow up treatment in the isolation center. Three of them are foreigners who entered the country recently, and two are Ethiopians. 

One hundred seventeen people who are said to have been in contact with those whose test results showed positive are identified and quarantined, according to the Ministry of Health. 

The first coronavirus case in Ethiopia was confirmed last Friday. The person is a 48 years old Japanese national who entered Ethiopia from Burkina Faso. Oromo regional state education bureau head, Tola,  imposed self-isolation on himself, saying that he met the Japanese man who tested positive days after he entered the country, according to a report by BBA Amharic Service. 

In a related development, the National Election Board of Ethiopia announced on Monday that its staff members would be working from home starting on Monday. The Board passed the decision after a foreign national, who has been providing technical support to the Board and whose identity is undisclosed, showed COVID 19 like symptoms. 

The Board announced that the person entered the country about a month ago, and he is currently taking tests to determine if he has the virus. 

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  1. The entire concerned and patriotic citizens of that country should extremely vigilant now. These faceless and no-class bigots may take this situation as an opportunity and try to usurp power. They may be talking to el-Sisi now as they have been doing for years. They feel so threatened because this young and visionary PM is able to finally start chipping away their youth entourage. It ain’t like the good ole days for them for a simple fact they have been able to deliver the Shangri-la they were promising the youth from far away. It is beginning to see how these bigots are nothing but smart aleck connivers. He doesn’t see them spending the night with him on mud beds and straw mattresses. He does see them spending most of the day on only a slice of home baked bread washed down with a gourd cup of tea made from coffee leaves. He sees them more and more busting at their wastes and lard behind on daily dose of fluffy pancakes and a pile of sunny side ups. He sees that. He ain’t that as stupid as they think about him. They have been taking him for granted. It ain’t like the good ole days anymore. They feel very insecure and they may try to do some stupid thing at this jittery time associated with this deadly pandemic. You remember that devastating famine was the last straw on Emperor Haile. Calamity can present itself as an opportune moment for extremists and bigots. Look out yo’ll!!!!


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