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Taza : New Ethiopian Movie with English subtitle

Taza is undoubtedly one of the best Ethiopian movies.

March 13, 2020

Taza is a new Ethiopian Movie with English subtitle. It is essentially about the power of love and the tragedy of war in the context Derg era socio-economic and political realities. Culture, economic hardship, nationalism and altruism are also among the themes that surface in the movie.

Selam, the main character, returned from Cuba after completing her studies but was unable to find a meaningful employment.

A little bohemian, seen from the Ethiopian culture at the time, she took refugee in alcohol. She comes home really late and drunk – at times having rough experience with security forces. All that pleases her is getting drunk.

She was not entirely unlucky. Her landlord understood her and treated her like she is her own daughter. When she gets money, paying rent was never a priority. She meets friends from Cuba, who are unemployed like her, and she gets drunk.

A military commander, the landlords’ son, returned from a mission to visit his parents. And he did not like the bohemian personality he saw in Selam, his parents’ tenant. He didn’t like that she is drunkard and uncultured -in the context of Ethiopian society.

Without knowing how, he fell in love. So did she. But the commander had a national mission he is passionate about. Although Selam wanted him to avoid it, it was unthinkable for him. And he had to leave her behind for a national military mission. Find out the rest from the movie.

The production is a much better quality compared with other Ethiopian movies, and it has an English Subtitle too.

Video : embedded from Arts TV YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from video

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