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Ethiopian parliament to confirm three new appointments


Ethiopian parliament is poised to confirm the appointment of Adanech Abebe as Federal Attorney General. La’qe Ayalew will take over from her as Ministry of Revenue portfolio. Liya Tadesse will be sworn in as Ethiopia’s new Minister for Health.

Ethiopian Parliament _ new appointments
Left to right : Adanech Abebe, Liya Tadesse, and La’qe Ayalew. Photo credit : Addis Fortune News Paper

March 11, 2020

The 14th session of the People’s House of Representative will take place on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

State media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), said that the session is anticipated to approve minutes from the 13th regular session and approve the appointment of Federal level ministers, and Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Board. 

Approval of board members to the Ethiopian Press Agency, state-owned media, is scheduled for Thursday too. On Tuesday this week, the agency published the photoshopped image of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and His spouse Zinash Tayachew lying in a bed and floor. Worse, it was used for a story about Ethiopia’s upcoming election, which is scheduled to take place in late August of this year. Ethiopian Press Agency removed the image five minutes later, asked for an apology for it, and disclosed that journalists involved in it are suspended and that they will be investigated. 

Regarding the appointment of new ministers to be confirmed on Thursday, Ethiopia’s state media did not specify the identities of them. 

According to Addis Fortune, Local Business Newspaper, Adanech Abebe will replace Birhanu Tsegaye as the Federal Government Attorney General. Last week, the office of the president announced that Berhanu Tsegaye is appointed as Ambassador without specifying the country to which he is heading to. Adanech has been serving as Minister for Revenue since July 2018. It is unclear if she has an academic background in law. 

Political loyalty and ethnic quota system have been key factors, in most cases, for appointment.

La’qe Ayalew, who served as deputy administrator of Amhara regional state, is poised to take over as Federal Minister for the Ministry of Revenue. 

Liya Tadesse, currently state minister in the Ministry of Health, is anticipated to be confirmed as Minister in the same Department. The position has been vacant since Amir Aman resigned in December 2019. She is taking the position at a time when Ethiopia is working on Coronavirus epidemic prevention in the country. Many seem to see her a competent pick for the position.

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  2. Another exciting news from the old country. There is a new sheriff in town, yo’ll. It is about the new attorney general and her name is Adanech bint Abebe. Now the loafing men will be shown how legal matters are supposed to be handled. I heard that her loafing predecessors have left behind a mountain cases that never seen a day in court just growing mold in the archives. She will need to wear face masks when looking into those sticky archives. Go get’em tigress!!!

  3. borkena is somalifobic
    because you dont speak about the new minister of women and children Fislan Abdullahi because she is muslim and somali
    very sorry about your mentality
    your dream is only ethiopia with 100% chrstian orthodox population


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