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Ethiopia issued a statement on assassination attempt of Abdalla Hamdok

Abdella Hamdock _ Ethiopia
Abdella Hamdock. Source : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

March 9, 2020

On Monday, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has survived an assassination attempt in the capital of his country, Khartoum

He did not sustain wound, and it is confirmed that he is in a good condition.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has issued a statement regarding the incident on Monday.

The full content of the statement is as follows :

A statement from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on the Incident in Khartoum

The people and Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia learnt with shock and dismay about the incident targeting His Excellency Abdalla Hamdok, Prime Minister of the Republic of the Sudan.

We strongly denounce the criminal act and urge those perpetrators to desist from such a violent act.

We express our sympathy to H.E. Prime Minister Hamdok and our relief that he was unharmed.

We are confident that such an attempt will not derail the effort of the brotherly people of the Republic of the Sudan to transform their country to democracy and development.

Ethiopia, as always, will stand by the side of the Sudanese people in their endeavor to ensure lasting peace and prosperity in their country.

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  1. Only In Khartoum , Sudan close to one Million diaspora Ethiopians reside mostly refugees from north west part of the country, who left their country inorder to save their lives due to the civil wars
    (internal displacement violence) . Many current politicians and other Ethiopians are really not aware of what is the dividing line is between an internal displacement violence and a civil war. For a sample in Ethiopia many are getting killed without them replying with attack , in such a case it is called internal displacement if they reply with attacking the attackers then it is called a civil war.

    If it is called a few civil war all “entities” give it a hype with the government of state the violence occured directly of or indirectly , pushing the victims to flee out of the country so the internally displaced Ethiopians sooner or later end up in country’s such as Sudan , many displaced Ethiopians from Ethiopia had been and still are migrating to Sudan . These people more grating can easily get persuaded or drafted to join the Sudanese military and get sent to attack the very people who displaced them, along with anyone that might get in their way of their struggle to reinstate their loved ones to the place where they were displaced from in Ethiopia. In such a case Ethiopia will use and her enemies win without the enemies themselves not fighting for it, but by making Ethiopians fight each other. Amara is not joining Liyu Hayil since General Tefera Mammo the military expert is demoted many such as Colonel Demeke Zewdu getting passed of promotions (we all know what happened to Asaminew , Ambachew and the others ) and Amara’s Liyu Haul replaced by the Agricultural expert to lead the Amara Regions Liyu Hayel .

    So putting a puppet to lead Sudan is the Ethiopian rulers and their supporters attackers who chase refugees to Sudan biggest dream.

    even Meles Zenawi went to the extent to give Ethiopian territory to the former government leader Albashirs government so TPLF might have something to do with it per the Samora Yunus connecting the dots .


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