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Wubshet Workalemahu laid to rest at Kidist Selassie Menbere Tsebaot

Wubshet Workalemahu will be remembered as a patriot and Ethiopia’s cultural ambassador

Wubshet Workalemahu  _ funeral
Photo credit : ENA ( resized photo)

March 4, 2020 

Wubshet Workalemahu is laid to rest on Wednesday in the afternoon at Kidist Selassie Menbere Tsebaot church in the capital Addis Ababa.

A final farewell was organized at Meskel square. Deputy Prime Minister (Demeke Mekokenne), Foreign Affairs Minister (Gedu Andargachew), The minister for culture and tourism(Hirut Kassa), Ethiopian celebrities in the entertainment industry, friends, and tens of thousands of his fans attended the funeral ceremony. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism initiated the ceremony at Meskel Square, according to a report by Ethiopian News Agency.

Wubeshet Workalemahu was a pioneer in the advertising industry in Ethiopia during the imperial government of Haileselassie I, and later founded Lion Advertising. He was also prominent in the entertainment industry in script-writing and acting. 

Known for his sense of patriotism and promoting Ethiopian culture and history, he was a member of Ethiopia’s Public Diplomacy team. 

He has also served his country as president of Addis Ababa and Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce pro bono. 

He passed away last Saturday at Kidus Gabriel Hospital in Addis Ababa, where he was getting medical attention. He was 77 and is survived by two children.

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  1. May he RIP

    Me and him went to Egypt repeatedly as Ethiopian delegate member of the GERD dam lobbyist, he was very persuasive over the outcome to all.

  2. Can someone please catch the diplomats that are illegally financial outflawing .
    You know Abiy is worried about his financial future and his children’s financial future President Sahleworq too.

    Addis Standard
    News: Illicit financial flows transferred across Africa amount to a staggering …

    Ato Bacha Gina is suspected of stealing too much money too quickly from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia thus he made Commercial Bank of Ethiopia forced to ask emergency 50 billions loan from the National Bank of Ethiopia on top of the 100 billion birrs the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia borrowed from the National Bank of Ethiopia without returning it yet.

    Abiy & Co. needs money to smuggle out of the country quick before the next “election” to have somewhere to run to depending on the outcome then who better to do the money smuggling than Bacha Gina , Berhanu Tsegaye and associates?

    Bacha Gina who robbed the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia making the Bank reach the verge of closing it’s doors , Berhanu Tsegaye who tortured and killed the whistleblowers. Now Abiy gave both Berhanu Tsegaye and Bacha Gina diplomatic immunity so they launder the money they stole using their newly gotten diplomatic immunity . › 2018/06 › loans-to-go…
    Web results
    Loans to govt projects by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia reaches 14.5B USD … › 2018/12 › ethiopia-los…
    Ethiopia lost $36B in illicit financial flows – The Ethiopian Satellite Television and …

  3. RIP

    He was surely ahead of his time, his contribution to the growth and transformation of his country is beyond words. He planted a seed daily to everyone he meets as a routine with all the seeds he plants growing. His idea kick-started BlueMoonEthiopia, look where we are now.


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