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Ethiopia seized smuggled items including Ivory worth over 31 million birr

Smuggled Items _ Ivory _ Ethiopia
Among the smuggled items seized by custom authorities. Photo credit : ENA

March 4, 2020

Ethiopia sized smuggled commodities worth over 31 million birr in the last five days alone, according to state media Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)

ENA cited the Ministry of Revenue to report that the smuggled items were seized at custom checkpoints from export and import trades.  

Bole International Airport, Bahir Dar, Jimma, Humera, Dire Dawa, Moyale, Awash, Gambella, and West Hararghe are the places where the smuggled items were captured.

Seized items are Ivory, electronics, eyeglasses, firearms, cooking oil, adult and kids shoes, perfumes, and drugs, among others.

According to ENA, customs intelligence workers, Federal and regional securities, worked collaboratively to capture smugglers after community members gave tips about the smuggled items.

Furthermore, custom officers have seized 161 thousand US dollars that were in illegal circulation in Dire Dawa, Humera, Togochale, and Jijiga areas of the country.

Contraband and illicit trade in firearms have become a persistent challenge for the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The Ministry of Revenue has called up on Ethiopians to their part in the fight against illicit trade which it says is a hindrance to Ethiopia’s development.   

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  1. Were they being smuggled out or in or were they passing through?

    . Polis ena ermjaw newspaper then abyotawi polis newspaper knew how to engage the public about crime fighting.

    Last 30 years it’s ENA been made crime incubator media , since crime was allover.

    Now with the medias just tell us the public details at least which way we’re they going in , out , transiting it what ?

    with no way of knowing simple details how the public is expected to fight crime?


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