Canadians arrested in Ethiopia granted bail

Canadian Flag _ Ethiopia

March 3, 2020

Canadian Humanitarian, Alberta based charitable organization with charity programs in Ethiopia, confirmed on Tuesday that the Canadians arrested in Ethiopia since February 29 are granted bail.

10 Canadian Volunteers, three Canadian staff, and two Ethiopians were arrested in Gonder town, in North-Western part of the country,  for practicing medicine without permission from relevant authorities and for using “expired medicines.”

Canadian Humanitarian (CH)wrote on its website: “With support of Canadian consular officials, Global Affairs Canada and legal representatives on the ground, Canadian Humanitarian can confirm that documentation is currently being processed that will hopefully see the detainees released on bail tomorrow…”

Detainees have received fair treatment, as required by the international law, in prison,  Consular officers and CH representatives who were given access to the prison have confirmed, as reported by CH.

Based on information from CH, it seems that Ethiopia might continue investigating the case. “Ethiopian authorities have suggested the detainees may need to remain in Ethiopia while an investigation is completed. The organization will be pursuing all avenues to see its employees and volunteers return home as soon a possible,” said CH.

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