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Ethiopia dropped charges of 63 suspects including politicians

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government says the measure could help the “reform effort”, and is in the interest of unity of Ethiopia

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February 25, 2020

Ethiopia has dropped on Tuesday charges of 63 individuals arrested in connection with alleged corruption, human rights violation, and the June 22 incident in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa, which the government called – “attempted coup d’etat.”

The Federal Attorney-General had a press conference to explain the legal ground that led to their release.

“The cases are dropped in consideration of their relevance to the unity of our country and for the reform measure…, and to broaden the political space in the country,” the office of Attorney General said during the press conference in the capital Addis Ababa.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been under pressure due to some of the arrests as there was a perception that they’re politically motivated.

Zenabu Tulu, Communication Director of the AG office, said individuals are from METEC ( military-run Metals and Engineering Corporation), Somali region, Benishangul Gumuz, and Sidama areas of Ethiopia.

The individuals freed from charges connected with METEC corruption and human rights violations within the national intelligence department are said to be those with no leadership role in the crimes.

Among individuals whose charges set free today are Christian Tadele, National Movement of Amhara Political Affairs Head, Biniyam Tewolde (served as a senior official in the intelligence department) and Ermias Amelga ( a businessman and founder of Access Real Estate who was charged in connection with alleged corruption involving the sale of a state to METEC)

The Amhara National Movement has announced that it has canceled massive demonstrations in different parts of Ethiopia, planned to put pressure on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government to release of Christian Tadele and other members of the movement. The government accuses them of involvement in the killings of Amhara regional leaders on June 22, 2019.

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  1. This government is continuously showing it is not capable of ruling this country. By realising criminals before their day in court, for the sake of being elected, it has won the battle temporarily, but in the end it will lose the war.

  2. Most of the charges were bogus from the very beginning. The accusations could not stand a day in court, that was why the prosecutors kept change the charges almost every week.
    The prisoners must get adequate compensation for their undue captivity. The captors must be accountable for the damages they caused.

  3. Let’s face it the Ethiopian court institution is not capable to see these litigations through to the end , the court is being made a mockery , Not enough willing manpower . The cost of living is way too high snd the salaries the manpower gets isnot remotely close to cover one days or one week cost of living expense .

    Especially in Addis Ababa there are no willing professionals that work for the courts , me St of the judges and other law professionals are drafted unwillingly to work, right when they graduate from their Universities to serve in the Ethiopian court otherwise their degrees will be held from them, so the litigation process of almost all the released individuals can be written in a book as the most unprofessionalism of the “REFORMED” .

    The litigation was almost not a litigation but a nuthouse playtime, since the judges were put to be judges unwillingly , the judges are drafted showing up to work only because the Universities they graduated from deny to give them.them their law credentials unless they serve for certain years .

    Plus thise that committed crimes themselves such as Bethany Tsegayd The prosecutors and the other court employees had learnt that they need to arrest more people that have potential to arrest former INSA dpy chief Abit Ahmed and the TPLF law torturer Berhanu Tsegaye and alike for all the crimes they committed before or after the REFORM.

    Plus election is near and many contenders along with their followers have a potential of being detained since these contenders might detain Abiy & Co. if the contenders win elections , so Abiy& Co. are freeing some space for them now to retain them.

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