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Ethiopia recovers stolen 18th century Crown

Stolen Ethiopia about twenty five years ago, 18th century crown is found in The Netherlands by man of Ethiopian Origin, Sirak Asfaw.

Ethiopia _ Crown
PM Minister Abiy handing over the crown to Ethiopia’s Minister for culture and tourism, Hirum Kassaw (Dr). Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Sigrid Kaag, and Sirak Asfaw watch. Photo credit : EBC

February 20, 2020

Ethiopian recovered 18th century crown that is believed to have been stolen sometime in 1993.

Sirak Asfaw, an Ethiopian man who lives in the Netherlands, accidentally got the artifact. He believed that it was something that might have been stolen and kept it with himself, waiting for a moment to return it to the country.  

The Crown was reportedly missing for over twenty-five years. And it is believed to have stolen from Tigray, North Ethiopia.

State-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported that it was recovered in November 2018.  

Sirak did not return it right away, for he thought that it was not the right time to do so, perhaps due to the “political transition in Ethiopia.”

On Thursday morning, he handed it to Abiy Ahmed in the Office of the Prime Minister. The latter expressed gratitude to Mr. Sirak for returning it.  In turn, Abiy Ahmed handed it to Ethiopia’s Minister for Culture and Tourism, Hirut Kassaw (Dr.). It will be in the national museum.

Abiy Amed wrote on his social media page, “Today #Ethiopia receives a precious crown stolen several years ago and taken to the #Netherlands. I am grateful to Sirak Asfaw and the Netherlands government for facilitating its return…”

Mr. Sirak was accompanied by Dutch Dutch’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Agnes Maria Kaag, who seized the opportunity to discuss business and development cooperation between the two countries. She met with Abiy Ahmed and President Sahle-Work Zewde.

The Netherlands reportedly expressed interest in sharing experience and technology in the areas of agriculture and water management.  

“Transforming the agricultural sector in a way to bring about a positive impact in the economy is among the top priority areas for the government of Ethiopia and that there is a willingness to work closely with The Netherlands government,” said President Sahle-World as cited by EBC.  

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