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Over 10,000 Ethiopians to get residence permit in the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : Office of the Prime Minister

February 16, 2020

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was in the United Arab Emirates for three days of the official working visit. He met with the country’s top officials, including UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Hon. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The situation of Ethiopians in the country was as mong top agenda item discussed during meetings with UAE officials, the office of the prime minister announced.

The discussion has led to an offer from UAE. According to Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), UAE immigration is to grant residence permits to over ten thousand Ethiopians living in the country.

Furthermore, the government of the UAE agreed to give a plot of land for Ethiopian Christians to be used for the construction of a church and a school for children of Ethiopian descent.

However, Ethiopians in social media who claim to have information about the plots of land offered to Ethiopians say leaders of the church have been working diligently regularly appealing to authorities in UAE and that the prime minister’s contribution to the issue is negligible.

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  1. Re: the above three paragraphs of the News Item.

    If we are FREE to be honest to ourselves, and to others, the eternal problem of the unseen, untouchable phenomenon named RELIGION will always be the governing factor in our LIVES — whether we like it, or not, or on the unlimited number of human sacrifice to keep the untouchable thing for eternity. THE END

  2. Congratulations to Abiy and the UAE habeshas !!

    I am being jealous now. I wish I traveled to UAE when I had the chance , by this time I would have been one of the lucky ten thousands that got residency permit now . I was just scared of the journey and stayed back in Ethiopia.

    • Don’t be jealous!!! You are still better off in your country with your family and your loved ones, in life this are the basic but most important things, just pry to your god to give you patience and wisdom then you can reach all what you wanted in your country not outside of your country.

  3. PM Abiy said the UAE Ethiopians life story is “..amazing and unwritten book ..”

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  4. Congratulations my dear countrymen/women. Now you can emerge from out of the shadows and breathe easily. Your nightmare is over. Kudos to the visionary and effective negotiator H.E. PM Abiy. Blessings to him and his family!!!


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