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Sri Lanka : The Embassy of Ethiopia organized a Business Forum in Colombo

Sri Lanka Business forum _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : Ethiopian Embassy in New Delhi

Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
New Delhi
February 9, 2020

The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in collaboration with the Honorary Consul of Ethiopia in Colombo organized a business forum on 6th February, 2020 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The business forum was attended by more than 45 business people of Sri Lanka from various sectors who have an interest to know more about the investment, trade and tourism opportunities of Ethiopia. Ambassador Sumith Dassanayake, Director General of Africa Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka also attended the business forum and conveyed his remarks to the participants.

On the event, Her Excellency Ambassador Tizita Mulugeta welcomed the participants and stressed that Ethiopia presents huge untapped and unexplored investment and trade opportunities in the areas of agro-processing, pharmaceuticals, horticulture, power, information technology, mining, textile and garments and tourism. Her Excellency also highlighted the various economic reforms including the home-grown economic reforms which are undertaken by the Ethiopian government and invited Sri Lankan companies and business firms to establish their presence in Ethiopia.

Ambassador Sumith Dassanayake, Director General of Africa Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka in his opening remarks stated that Ethiopia and Sri Lanka have a strong and cordial relationship starting from 1972. The Ambassador underlines that Ethiopia is one of the best destinations of investment and recommended Sri Lankan business people to deeply look into the untapped potential of the country.

Detailed power point showcasing was presented by the Embassy on the foreign direct investment potential of Ethiopia, the huge domestic market, availability of regional and continental market accesses to COMESA, AfCFTA, AGOA and EBA, availability of labour force, attractive incentives, the strategic location of Ethiopia and easy connectivity to many countries through Ethiopian Air Lines.

Finally, the participants raised various questions and clear replies were given by Her Excellency Ambassador Tizita and diplomats of the Embassy.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
Spokesperson Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

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  1. Farm development investment is crucial not only for the economic development of the country but also to ensure safety all throughout Ethiopia including in remote parts of the country . Well done Gambella!!
    The humble government of Gambella is currently lifting the people of Gambella to greatness.

    Gambella is a place that is on a remarkable rise , the development that is taking place in Gambella within the last year or two is so huge it is nothing but a success poster region of the change era, that made Gambella a place of infinite possibilities , all thanks to the new reformed Gambella’s regional government policy that took its time to study the tax records of each farm investors that operated in Gambella in the last two decades, by studying both federal and regional tax records of each farm investor in the last two decades Gambella was able to shake off the monkey on Gambella’s back quickly and sprint the growth development transformation goal of the region .

    Now Gambella can be a good example for other other regions to practice this major key responsibility , which Public servants must perform by reviewing federal and regional tax records of each investor that was awarded farm lands in the last two decades if the regions also choose to shake off the monkey on their back as Gambella region did and create the much needed job opportunities , the responsibility of mobilizing the public to work is overlooked by many regions governments due to that reason unfortunately many ethnic groups are resorting to creating their own statehood .

    Even Sidama Region should review the tax records of the farm investors before anything , I am sure it will be a shocking revelation an eye opener job creation task that will make identifying investors who actually intend to farm the lands they receive a reality, a very crucial job of the public servants but often remained not being done resulting in the socio , economic and political conflicts that lasted for 20+ years until the new change reform came a couple of years ago.

    The investment activity in Gambella is so impressive the locals are finally getting the chance to earn a living by working for the investors who actually farm the lands , unlike almost all of investors in the years just until a couple of years ago who fenced the lands and leave the lands not farmed year after year for decades stagnating Gambella’s growth all that has changed now since giving lands that actually farm the lands is given the much needed consideration by Gambella region government public servants as it can be done allover Ethiopia abandoning the old ways of corruption land grab for fencing not for farming that was done until a couple of years ago. Looking back at the tax records of each farm investors that were awarded lands in Gambella was the first and most important job Gambella region performed that resulted in the success Gambella region is in now , learning from the farm investors tax records paid to the region and to the federal of the last three decades was the key since it was found out only a handful and of investors paid appropriate tax money while almost all the rest paid almost nothing year after year for three decades , now all that is changing since creating jobs for the young is given upmost attention in Gambella which cut down the youth unemployment rate by half each year for the last couple of years , even South Sudanese refugees are getting job opportunities in Gambella since it is starting to show there are more job opportunities than workers in many areas of Gambella .


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