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Tesfaye Gebre – What do you know about him? Must watch video

February 8, 2020

Many Ethiopians seem to be familiar with several timeless pieces of Tesfaye Gebre ‘s music. However, not much is known about his life. He died sometime in 1982 in Italy and was buried there.

The following interview with Markos Tegyibelu, an Ethiopian living in Seattle who spent a great deal of time and energy to find out about the life of Tesfaye Gebre, is very revealing. Watch it.

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  1. Watching this video was very emotional for me.

    I loved Tesfaye Gabre gowing up. The sport report always began with “Sport” song, which I still sing in the shower in my early 50s.

    May God bless Markos, who has gone the extra mile to re-introduce us back to Tesfaye (and to his inteliggent sister, and grand daughter).

    If I were Aberash and if his grand daughet is single, I would ask you to marry her. This way, the passion and love you have for Tesfaye would be complete, and you can pass your passion about Tesfaye to your and Shweets children!!!


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