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Ethiopian PM visits Dam project a day after Washington meeting deadlocked

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed claims Dam projected has shown remarkable progress after the “reform measure”

Nile _  Ethiopian Dam
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February 1, 2020

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam project on Saturday in the morning, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting reported.

His visit came just a day after Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan failed to reach an agreement regarding operation and filling of the Dam as “drought mitigation mechanism” turned out be be controversial.

President Donald Trump spoke to Abiy Ahmed on the phone on Friday. He reportedly expressed “optimism” that the three countries would reach an agreement. The negotiation that was intended for two days was extended for four days after the parties failed to reach agreement. They are to meet again at the end of February this year for the final agreement after legal and technical details of operation and filing of the dam are drafted.

Earlier, there was a report that the US and the World Bank, attending the negotiation between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan as Observers, exerted pressure on Ethiopia to ensure that Egypt has an upper hand in the agreement.

Why Abiy Ahmed visited the dam at this time is unclear. After the visit, he said that Ethiopia will start generating electric power next year by using two generators. Initially, his government said that it would happen this year.

Video : embedded from Fana Broadcasting Corporation Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  2. Colonel Abiy is a jack of all trades and master of none.He is pedantic . He acts as if he is doctor , engineer, peace ambassadar etc . However, he couldn’t accomplish nothing except genocide, abduction of young brilliant ladies, discrimination among tribes, selling Dam and the country to modren colonial masters leading World Bank which is built to keep the interest of richest nations over the socalled developping countries , victims of systematic robbery.

  3. GERD construction is rated as the best place to work in Ethiopia thanks to the reform his Excellency PM Abiy’s administration came up with .

    I Am Not Going Back to Ethiopia | Global Affairs

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