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Ethiopia : Somali region special force seized illegal firearms

Somali region _ Ethiopia

January 28, 2020

Somali Regional State Information Bureau (SRSIB) announced on Tuesday that the region’s special force had seized illegal firearms.

It was in a surprise search near Megalo Qeren checkpoint, close to Jijiga city that the forces captured about 39 handguns.

According to SRSIB, the illegal arms were smuggled via Togowuchale border checkpoint in the eastern part of the country.

A picture of seized handguns indicates that they are similar with those recently captured ( Turkey made) in north western parts of Ethiopia.

The region’s security authorities detained three suspects in connection with the illegal handguns. However, their identities are unknown.

A vehicle they allegedly used for the crime is reportedly sized too. However, it is unclear whether it has an Ethiopian license plate number , or it is has one from one of the neighboring countries in the region: Somalia, or Djibouti.  

Ethiopian House of Peoples Representative recently approved legislation to control illicit trade in and circulation of firearms – a problem that the country has been struggling with mainly since Abiy Ahmed took over the office of the Prime Minister.

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