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Four policemen, two youth hurt following a clash in west Shoa

Police in Ejaji town in West Shoa opened fire and shot two brothers in the Oromo region of Ethiopia

West Shoa _
Google Map of Ejaji region

By Staff Writer
January 24, 2020

Four policemen and two youth, all unidentified at this writing, are wounded in West Shoa, in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

According to a report by Voice of America Amharic Service,  it happened following a clash between police and youth groups in Ejaji town.

An eye witness who identified himself as Motuma Negassa said, “Youth Group who were returning from Kanazegelila celebration on January 21 clashed with police.

They reportedly attacked a fenced area leased for future gas station construction. They did so to manifest protest that the government should not allow construction of a gas station near a place where Meskel celebration, one of the biggest Ethiopian Orthodox Church open-air religious celebrations, takes place.

Police arrived on the scene following the incident. And police shot a young man who was said to be trying to calm the confrontation between the police and youth.

The brother of the young man, who spoke to VOA Amharic on condition of anonymity,  arrived at the scene to take care of his wounded brother, but he too is shot in the leg.

Police authorities in the town allege that three priests were instigating violence. The priests are in custody.  

Police have also arrested 50 youths, apparently among those protesting

VOA Amharic cited members of the Ethiopian Orthodox church’s diocese in the region as saying that they are aware of the situation. They believe that the issue could be resolved peacefully.  

There was a clash in Harar and Dire Dawa during this year’s Epiphany celebration.

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  1. The priests got arrested for “instigating” after the clash occured . If police knew about the instigation the proper thing to do would have been to take action right away , waiting for the clash shows lack of professionalism.
    Waiting for a clash to happen then shooting innocent peace makers that were trying to break up the clash then arresting priests is improper police work , but since the country is suffering from severe lack of knowledge in military science also in enforcement of law police works , this trend of blaming the weak while overlooking the real criminals is being considered to be the best standard “politically correct” police work per the inept Policy makers that are in parliament , red line crossing is being a routine with the government covering up it’s failure by attacking the innocent humble ones .

    Now the PM is telling his southern ethnic crews to spy on Zerma and other southern ethnic activists, so that way the Southern ethnicities people refrain from standing up for their rights .


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