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Addis Ababa City Council approved 19 appointments

Addis Ababa City Council has approved appointments for nineteen senior level administrative positions

Addis Ababa city council _ Ethiopia News
Swearing in ceremony after Addis Ababa city council approved the appointment. Photo credit : Addis Ababa City Administration

By Staff Writer
January 24, 2020

Addis Ababa City Council approved 19 appointments on Friday for senior-level positions in the administration. Seventy-nine members of the council voted in favor of it. There were four “Nay” and seven abstaining votes, state-run Ethiopian News Agency reported.  

The lists of people who were approved for different positions are as follows:

  1. Endawork Abte – coordinator for gov’t service delivery institutions in the city
  2. Senait Damtew – Housing Development office head
  3. Nejiba Akmel – Finance office head
  4. Shisema Gebreselassie – Revenu office head
  5. Abdulkadir Mohammed – Attorney general for the city
  6. Ephrah Ali – Culture and Tourism Bureau head
  7. Hailu Lule- Public Service office head
  8. Zelalem Muleta – Education Bureau office
  9. Demelash Kebede – Construction office head
  10. Sitotaw Takele – Transport Office head
  11. Negash Bacha – Land Development and Management office head
  12. Yimer Kebede – Job creation and enterprise office head
  13. Mekonnen Tefera – Labour and Social Affairs Bureau
  14. Abdulfetah Yusuf – Trade office head
  15. Adugna Debela – Peace and Security office head
  16. Abraham Tadesse – Youth volunteer Coordination office
  17. Waquma Abebe – Commissioner for Plan Commission
  18. Tamrat Dilla – Commissioner for Investment Commission
  19. Tazer Gebreegziabher – Industry Office head

Takele Uma, the acting mayor who proposed appointments to the council, is not an elected member of it. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed him to the position in July 2018, months after what was then the ruling coalition, EPRDF, picked the former to replace Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne in the wake of widespread protests in the country.

In a related development, the City administration passed a decision on Friday to establish an Agency for Students’ feeding. When set, it leads students’ feeding programs in public schools in the capital Addis Ababa and ladies sanitary pads.

While the agency is accountable to the acting mayor, Takele Uma, it will have a board drawn from different sections of residents in the city.

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  1. Eprah Ali should condemn the trend of demolitions of historical heritage sites that are taking places in the city such as the Legehare 100+ years old historical building along with Woinshet’s adjacent home at the historical train station Babur Tabiya which currently is being demolished to be replaced with Dubai’s architecture .

    The city of Pompelli in Italy is a good example of a well kept historical city which Addis Ababa should aspire to imitate under Eprah Ali under the new Addis Ababa’s
    Mayor Menilik Alemayehu’s leadership .


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