Ethiopia: Artificial Intelligence legislation to be on Negarit Gazeta soon

Ethiopian cabinet ministers approved Artificial Intelligence Legislation. The country will have AI excellence center

Artificial Intelligence _  legislation
Cabinet Ministers meeting. File/ credit Office of PM

January 23, 2020

The 78th session of the Ethiopian government council of the Minister discussed and ratified numerous legislation on Thursday. Some of them need approval from the parliament. Others, like Artificial Intelligence, do not.

Among the legislation that got approval is one that establishes the Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center in the country, state-run media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported.

According to EBC, it aims to create excellence centers for research, development, and application of artificial intelligence with capabilities to ensure the national interest by way of providing solutions and products.

The legislation will create a conducive environment for those, especially starters, engaged in the sector, and it will “soon” be in Negarit Gazeta, Ethiopia’s official federal government law Gazette for the Federal government. It does not seem to need approval from the parliament.

In November 2019, Ethiopia and China signed an agreement to establish a National Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure in the country.  And the purpose, as reported by state media Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) at the time, is to facilitate services in education and health care, among other things.

The 78th session of the Ministerial Council has also discussed several other draft legislations.

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council’s legal status issue is one of them.  The council has unanimously voted in favor of it. The next step is for the House of People’s Representative for approval said EBC’s report.  

In addition, the council of ministers discussed Civil Aviation Draft Amendment. It aims to look into administrative areas not covered by existing legislation for ensuring aviation safety. The need for constant change as far as human resources are concerned, and for the inclusion of recommendations from the international aviation authority are some of the reasons cited as factors that necessitated the amendment. To that end, the council recommended some additions and the draft will be tabled in the House of people’s representatives for approval.

The council has also discussed amendments in the areas of crime prevention and defense engineering corporations, among others.

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