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Ethiopia’s election board issued Baladera party with temporary registration certificate

Certificate is good only for three months and can only be renewed one more time, according to Ethiopia’s Election Board

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Baladera’s certificate of temporary registration. Credit : Election board

January 22, 2020

National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced on Wednesday that it had issued a temporary registration certificate to Baladera and three other parties.

Amhara Ghioanwi Movement, One Ethiopia Democratic Party, and Enat Party are the other three parties that got a temporary registration certificate.

The board has clarified what the temporary certificate means and what the requirements are to obtain it.

According to the board, the certificate is good for three months is issued in light of legislation 1162, article 66, and sub-sections 3-5. It could be renewed for another three months.

In terms of eligibility, a written application, and 100 signature on the minutes of the party congress in the case of regional party and 200 names for national parties are the requirements.

Unlike Baladera Party, which has got a registration certificate for regional party status, the three other parties mentioned above are designated as national parties.

Baladera Party for Genuine Democracy has confirmed on its Facebook page that it has received a temporary party registration certificate.

The party said that it is struggling for Addis Ababa’s regional government status and ownership question. It has also announced that it will be working with relevant parties to address “Addis Ababa’s fundamental question.”

The founding congress of the party was held earlier this month in the open air after government authorities reportedly pressured Intercontinental Hotel to deny Baladera Council access to a meeting room. The party reserved the meeting room at the cost of 90,000 Ethiopian birr ahead of its meeting.

Leader of the party, Eskinder Nega, toured North America and Europe to mobilize support from Diaspora Ethiopians before he called for a founding congress of the party.

Last year, some of Baladera Council leaders were incarcerated for months on trumped-up charges of, as supporters describe it, terrorism.

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