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Ethiopia promotes 65 military officers general rank,five of them are women

Prime minister Abiy hailed service excellence of military officers while sending out message to political parties to respect the constitution

Military Officers _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : Office of the prime minister

By Staff Writer
January 19, 2020

Ethiopia promoted on Saturday  65 military officers; five of them are women. Forty of them were promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, Nineteen to Major General and Six were promoted to Lieutenant General.  

President Sahlework Zewde pinned the insignia to the promoted military officers. In addition to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his Defense Minister  Lemma Megersa, former president Mulatu Teshome, former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne as well as former Speaker of the House speaker Aba Dula Gemeda have attended the ceremony.

“The reform within the Defense Force is bringing about an in-depth and extensive change,” Lemma Megersa said in his remark during insignia  pinning ceremony. 

Commander-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, Abiy Ahmed, the military promotions were granted based on performance the promoted officers. 

The loyalty of the Defense Force is to the principles in the constitution and need to serve all independently, the prime minister is cited as saying.

He also had a message for political parties in his remark.  “Nothing is comparable to the sovereignty of Ethiopia and political forces must respect the constitution,”  he added. 

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  1. Only five of them are women? Only five? Hello!!! In a country of more than 55 million women, only five? 5 out of 65? Tell me 30 more women then you are off the hook!!! Five only? I can’t believe this!!!!

  2. Saudi Arabia finances oversees Ethiopia’s military operations . This promotion of the high ranking officers was a bribe hush hush money to not leak evidences about Saudi being the commander of Ethiopia’s military. Saere Ambachew Asaminew died …..


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