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Ethiopia: Traffic accident kills 13 people every day, study

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By Staff Writer
January 14, 2020

A Study on traffic safety in Ethiopia says 13 people die every day in Ethiopia due to traffic accidents. 

The finding was revealed in a workshop organized in coordination with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and Africa Development Bank.

Ethiopia’s State Minister for Transportation, Mulu Gebreegziabhier and other stakeholders have attended it, among others, according to a report by state-affiliated Fana- Broadcasting Corporate (FBC).

Traffic accident on the road kills an average of 13 people every day.  It means that well over 4700 people die every year in Ethiopia due to traffic accidents.

Over 80 percent of the accidents happen on asphalt road although the countrywide coverage of asphalt road constitutes only 14 percent.

In terms of the geographical distribution of traffic accidents, about 85 percent happens in the Oromo region, Amhara region and Addis Ababa City Administration, according to a report by FBC.  

How is the rising rate in traffic accidents explained? 

Weak regulatory regime in terms of technical examination of vehicles, gaps in the practice of issuing driver’s license, poor design, and quality of roads, and lack of road safety understanding of drivers and pedestrians are identified as factors contributing to an increase in traffic accidents in Ethiopia.

During the workshop, Mulu Gebregziabhier said that the Ministry of Transportation is working harder than ever before on reducing traffic accidents which are causing loss of life and damage of properties. It also said that it is planning community engagement on road safety. 

The ministry claims that it is creating an awareness creation movement which will be operational across the country so that road safety is taken seriously.

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