Addis Ababa Baladera Council facing repression, held its first congress in the open air

Addis Ababa Baladera Council facing repression from government as it is finalizing preparations to take part in the Ethiopian General election

Baladera _ Addis Ababa _ Ethiopia
Eskinder Nega, Baladera Council leader

January 13, 2020

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has repeatedly political intolerance towards Addis Ababa Baladera Council which is manifesting itself in the form of repression.

The movement made meeting hall reservation at the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital Addis Ababa, which was supposed to happen on Sunday.

As it turns out, the Hotel declined to offer the hall, which was paid for, claiming that senior government bodies have ordered it.

Determined to carry out the pre-party formation congress, Baladera Council held its congress in the open air.

The movement which started first as advocacy group in March 2019 to defend the rights of residents in Addis Ababa, announced last week that it has evolved to a political party

Leader of the movement, former journalist and human rights activist Eskinder Nega, twitted in Amharic regarding forced cancellation of Intercontinental Hotel meeting room reservation.

“We have started the election with repression. Although ‘Baldera for Genuine Democracy Partyā€¯ was denied meeting hall due to government pressure, it is born in the open air. A bitter struggle is ahead of us. And we will overcome it as truth is with us,” he said.

The new party is named Baldera for Genuine Democracy Party and has submitted an application to the National Election Board of Ethiopia to seek recognition and take part in the coming national election.

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