Ethiopian PM wants talks show host Seifu Fantahun to focus on altruism too

January 12, 2020

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had an interview with talk show host Seifu Fantahun on the occasion of Ethiopian Christmas on January 7, 2020 (Ethiopia celebrates Christmas in the eastern – Orthodox religious tradition)

He met with him after serving with elderly, disabled and needy Ethiopians with holiday meal at Emperor Menelik’s Place. They met hours before the Prime Minister flew to West Africa for an official working visit to Guinea and Equatorial Guinea where he was awarded with the county’s prestigious Medal.

The talk show host posed a question relevant to clarify skepticism of Ethiopians in connection with Ethiopia’s relation with gulf countries. Abiy Ahmed said nothing is new except that things became more open during his administration. He said there had been cooperation with countries with the gulf region specially in the area of intelligence.

With regard to Seifu Fantahun show, he advised him do dedicate time to altruism and charity in addition to laughter.

Part I

Part II

Video : From EBS YouTube channel
Cover photo: Seifu Fantahun interviewing Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed – from screenshot of the video.

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