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Wollo University: Twelve students,two admin staff in custody over manufactured clashes in the university

Wollo University in north Ethiopia is working with security forces and residents in the town to reverse manufactured clashes with ethnic and religious cover

Wollo University_
Credit : Wollo University

January 8, 2020

Wollo University, in Amhara regional state, announced that it took administrative measures against those who obstructed, in the words of the university administration, the teaching-learning process.

It is to be recalled that two students were killed in the university and several others were wounded in the past which led to security concerns and disruption of classes.

The University’s president Dr. Abate Getahun said on Tuesday that the teaching-learning process has been disrupted about three times in the last three months, and about 335 students, admin workers and faculty members linked to it are subjected to administrative measures.

The instability was that affected the normal functioning of the university was created with the cover of ethnicity and religion, the president added.

12 students and 2 administrative support workers are arrested and an investigation is underway. 1 faculty staff is suspended from his teaching position although the president did not specify how long the suspension is.    

About 320 students are issued with a final warning letter. 

According to the president, and as reported by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), it is established, with evidence, that those who are facing retributive measures are proved to be causes of violence and chaos in the University.  

The University said that it worked in coordination with law enforcement units for the past two months to hold those responsible for the security problems that affected the teaching and learning process accountable.

Other universities in the country that have been experiencing security problems are taking similar measures. Dire Dawa University in South Eastern Ethiopia dismissed two students this week. Seven other students are suspended for three years while eight students are suspended for two years. The University’s public relations director, Dechassa Ganfure, is cited as saying the disciplinary action was taken due to their involvement in violence in the University campus.

As well, Gondar University took similar measures this week.

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