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Ethiopia suspended, dismissed hundreds of University Students over ethnic clashes

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Ethiopia has also dismissed 10 faculty and administration staff

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January 5, 2019

In a bid to end ethnic-based violence in university campuses, Ethiopian government took deterring measures against university students, faculty and administrative staff who are allegedly involved in the manufacture of ethnic clashes in various universities across the country.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education disclosed on Sunday that range of deterring disciplinary actions have been taken, including dismissal, on 440 students allegedly involved in clashes in various universities across the country.

Of which about 170 students are suspended and totally dismissed from the institutions they were attending.  The ministry, however, did not specify exactly as to how many students are expelled from their universities for good.

The ministry has also announced that it has been coordinating work with the Federal Police which may suggest the decision came after an investigation about strings of incidents that led to the death of students.

Also, Samuel Kifle (DR) who is state minister in the ministry said that 270 students have been issued with a final warning letter which means that these students might not stand a chance to have the opportunity to graduate if the university administration establish their involvement in any future violence or clashes.

Based on the report from the ministry, it was not just students that took part in stirring up the university community by creating manufactured conflicts. Faculty and staff of different universities are said to have been involved in it.

The ministry said that a measure has been taken on 10 university faculty and support workers.

There have been strings of violent clashes of student in recent months, mostly in Amhara and Oromo regions of Ethiopia, which led to the deaths of dozens of students.

The latest string of killing was at Wollo University in North Central Ethiopia where one student was killed following clashes between students.

Over 15 universities were closed in the country following security students.  

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration claims that ethnic based violence in the university campuses are orchestrated by external forces, and his government has reinforced security structures in many universities so as to stop further violence.

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  1. About time!!! This is just overdue!!! Savage beasts among the students should be sought out and shown the door. Then you watch them leaving the country and seek shelter/asylum just to join their savages-in-crime everywhere they can.

    • Ittu Aba Farada

      Families Thanked During Ethiopian Christmas Celebration in Denver USA Ethiopian church annually.

      • Mumiya,

        Thanks for sharing. I promise you that I will open the link you provided and read thru it all.

        Have a Wonderful Year!

  2. Let students choose their own field of studies or majors . No reason for a “democrat” country leaders the Ethiopian government to force students what subject to learn, if students learn their choice of study then they can organize and create a better bond with their interest of studies ,not divided by ethnicity groups.


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