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Ethnic Oromo parties to form coalition ahead of general election

How to work with other “Federalist parties” said to be among agenda item of three Oromo parties partnership talk that is said to be aiming for coalition. There nearly ten ethnic Oromo parties operating in Oromo region of Ethiopia including the ruling Oromo Democratic Party (ODP)

Oromo parties _ Ethiopia
The meeting between the three ethnic Parties. Photo: Jawar Mohammed shared it for the public on Facebook.

January 3, 2020

Three Oromo ethnic nationalist parties have reportedly reached an agreement to form a coalition ahead of the General election. Leaders of the parties reportedly met at Elilly Hotel in Addis Ababa.

Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Oromo National Party (ONP) are the three parties that agreed to work together.  Details of the agreement are undisclosed.

Tsedale Lemma, owner of Addis Standard, who is believed to have insider information is cited by her own media as saying “based on the information I have, the dialogues [ between the parties] are of three types… cooperation before the election after election and  how to work with other ‘Federalist bloc’ .”

Oromo Federalist Congress, under the chairmanship of prominent University professor and former member All Ethiopian Socialist Movement (AESM) in the years after the 1974’s Ethiopian Revolution, is known to many Ethiopians as a moderate ethnic Oromo nationalist party with a considerably big support base in Oromo region of Ethiopia.  

However, recent reports claim that the party is actually registered as a national party, not a region-based party, which means that it has a presence, and claims so, in other ethnic-based regions of Ethiopia.  Last week, a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist activist and former director of Oromo Media Network (ONM), Jawar Mohammed announced that he has joined Oromo Federalist Congress. Based on a picture he shared on his Facebook page, he was present during the conversation between the three parties. Some politicized Ethiopians speculate that with Jawar playing in the center stage, Merera Gudia’s party is likely to take radicalization path.

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is the oldest ethnic Oromo nationalist party and the party is known to be a radical one and toiled for the most part of its life to secede the Oromo region of Ethiopia from the rest of the country. It was a party with the narrative that “Ethiopia colonized Oromia.” 

The party partnered with Tigray People’s Liberation Front soon after the fall of Colonel Mengistu’s government in 1991 but had to leave the country after the partnership turned to enmity after a year or so of working together. Then the party operated mostly, especially the leadership, outside of the country as it was outlawed. It returned to Ethiopia again in September of 2018 after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed invited armed opposition to return to the country and operate peacefully. Later, the party had a lot of controversy with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration on the issue of disarming about 1500 combatants who returned from Eritrea.

The party has gone through significant leadership changes so much so that individuals who pioneered (like Lencho Letta and Dima Negao -among others) it had to abandon it and form a moderate political party (Oromo Democratic Front) that advocated that secession is no longer tenable.

Leader of Oromo National Party (ONP), one of the parties that are part of the ongoing deal, Kemal Gelchu, used to be part of OLF until he fell out with them during his stay in Eritrea as a rebel after he defected as a military commander with several hundred soldiers during the heyday of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

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  1. It ain’t big deal but I question why there were 5 individuals at the meeting when the merging was of 3 groupings? Just asking. But it is a commendable achievement. I hope they will not stop at that. They should build upon the momentum they have now and extend their embracing arms to others that pursue similar programs of lifting citizens out of wretchedness irrespective of ethnicity. The time is for healing and unity. The problems facing citizens is so intertwined that they cannot be done away with by toiling all alone. One’s source of a river is a quench of thirst for others hundreds of miles away. One’s temperate climate is where clouds originate and dump their rain in buckets hundreds possibly thousands of miles away. Even one’s language has shown to play part in enriching the languages of others. I am sure Obbo Merera knows that very well. I am sure Obbo Jawar knows that already. I am sure Obbo Dawud knows that very well. I am certain that Obbo Kemal realizes that very well. From now on they are not three but one and that is good news.

    I am also sure that these capable countrymen know that such unity exudes strength in them and such newly sought strength comes with responsibility. Now they share, whether they like it or admit it or not, the responsibility for the safety of citizens and peace of the country from East to West and from North to South. Every word that comes out of their mouths bears huge accountability and will be watched/scrutinized more than ever. They must be part of the effort to heal the wounds and bring back peace where there will be rule of law. They have to watch their language. They are expected to speak in measured terms. The days of talking at random with raw and incendiary emotion are over!!!! Elders among them should behave as our legendary elders we grew up emulating/heeding and they should be listened to. They should always remember that when elites stop listening to each other that opens a vacuum where smart alecks will be amassing power all the way to a dictatorship. By the time they wake up to it, it will be just too late. Blessings to you and all the best!!!!

  2. They are in their rights to join front and contest the elections. People who his embraigated with their ideology can vote them. But people also should be aware at the end of the road in Ethiopia live majority of non Oromos and going with path of Oromo First and everything keegna will lead them to direct war against non Oromos. No one wants to be second citizen in his own land and Oromos do not own Ethiopia just for themselves neither they own exclusively the current proclaimed Oromia region. I am flagblasted that Dr Merrera OFC would be drifted to these position but now looking back signs were there. Just the mere comparation by Merrera of Jawar Mecha movement with Eskinder’s peaceful movement shows how ethnically biased has his political optics. Another sign is Bekele Gerba’s advocacy for almost ethnic apartheid. There were also interviews with leaders of OFC that suggested the party did prepare clandestinely the youth keero of today to be used as political tool which by accident or wishfully landed in the hands of idiolatory of Jawar. They did aliniate the keeros by firewalling them not to learn Amharic and exclusively use of Afán Oromo and making every young Oromo to prove themselves how genuine Oromos are each other. The mere transition of Afán Oromo being written from Geez to Latin was also about firewalling the Oromo youth against their Amharas brothers to use their life and blood as political tools. There was not scientific reason to do so as Geez do support way more phonetic variety than Latin does. They proposers of the Latin scripture have to come with combinations of three vowels to make Latin useful to write Afán Oromo. That how deep it goes the hate of everything Absynian contribution. The youth Oromos should know this. Yes Afán Oromo is sister language of Somalian language but because Somalian choose to write in Latin do to colonial heritage Afán Oromo does not have to also be written in Latin. In fact Somalians at same pont were also tempted to write in Arabic as well and dump the Latin. At the Geez or Latin does not mean nothing as even the glorified Geez is also imported at same long past as you can find Geez and Armenian scriptures are almost the same and one. What matters is how deep you could hate your close neighbor to close all communication with him/her and import completely new writing system and fabricated history. As for language and cultural rights I still stand by that Afan Oromo should be elevetad to national working language side by side of Amharic to represent the Oromo population size.

  3. Meanwhile, even though I praised the leaders of these three groupings for choosing unity over division, I am not letting them off the hook that easily when it comes to the lack of women in their leadership. Such intentional void is not limited to Oromo political groups but it is also prevalent in Amhara and Tigray similar groups. That proves to me that these men are still in the mindsets of the archaic era with their 21st bodies. They somehow could not cleanse themselves off the filthy male chauvinism toward our capable women. Are you trying to tell me that there ain’t a single countrywoman who is up to the job to lead any political grouping? Don’t even try that with me!!! I am shaming these leaders for ignoring our women and did not even say excuse me/us!!! It shows that they can’t get rid of the influence of the society they grew up emulating which was dominated by male chauvinist pigs!!! Yes, you heard me right!!! If they are not as such, then show me the ‘money’!!! It won’t take that much effort to find a countrywoman who is well qualified for the leadership role. Just walk to any street or village and pick any woman and you will find her more qualified than anyone of the male leaders. Any woman!!!! Such lack of participation by our more than qualified women that by itself disqualifies such male only led parties from the leadership of the country. They should clean their noses from this macho mentality first before drooling for the top position. Period!!!

  4. The problem with Jawar and his like Oromo politicians the lack of knowledge, not believing themselves and lose of visions. They carry fabricated history taught and brainwashed by Egypt Muslim Brotherhood while living in exile and blinded by hate they have nothing to contribute to the future of Oromo and Ethiopians. They are filled with secrets and plots everything is done in the dark and hidden places from their Ethiopian compatriots.

    Now they are dividing Oromos by regions and classes to create leadership positions to for themselves to easily manipulate and place wadges within and between Oromos and Ethiopians.

    Jawar the leader of Queerro hooligan, although unfit and unqualified to stand as a politician in Ethiopia is trying to convince us being a qualified politician by having to joined Merara Gudina’s party to get him closer to Addis Ababa and leaving Arsi Muslim extremist and Queerro hooligan mobs.

    The shocking news is how Prof. Merara becomes such unprincipled person by becoming the victim of Jawar and politic a prostitute.

  5. VIVA Dr Jawar will be the next PM and Dr Merara the next President .We will demolish the idol representing Minilik, the killer, traitor who sold our land , Djibouti and our people in the expense of artillery from the western world.

  6. Amharas failed to deceive amharas

    These comments are from various people who donot get the propaganda of Amhara elites and some are written by the elites themselves to wickdely persauade their ethnic member that TPLF is killing the children which is utterly false !!
    ክክክክክክክክ በደሴ ክተማ ስዎስት ውሾችና ሁለት ድመቶች ሞቶ ተገኙ ከግድያ ከስተጀርባ ወያነ እጅ ኣለበት ይባላል ማስረጃ
    እረ ተው እናንተ ሰዎች ይሄ propaganda ቢቀር አይሻልም በቃ ጥፋታችሁን ሽንፈታችሁን የምታረጉት ስታጡ ወያኔ ትላላችሁ እረ እባካችሁ አትደድብ ሌላ አይነት ሞክሩ ይሄ የትም አያደርሳችሁም ወይ እቺ አዲሱ ስታይል ናት አልሆን ሲላችሁ ደግሞ ከመቀሌ ነው የተደወለው አላችሁ እረ እባካችሁ ይሄንን ህዝብ አታጃጅሉት : አሁን መቀሌ ብቻ ነው ሰላም ያለው ወይም ህግ ያለው ማንም ሰው ገብቶ መውጣት ይችላል እንደው ስልኩ ያላችሁት ቢደወል እንካን የናንተው ሽፍታዎቻችሁ ሊያረጉት ይችላሉ ። ግን ጩዋታው ወደዚህ ነው ቴሌ ሆነ ማንም ሆነ ማንም የሚያምን ሰው የለም ምክንያቱም መንግስት የሌለበት አገር ማን ማን ነው የሚያምነው ? የባሰ መከራችሁን ታብዙታላችሁ ውጤቱንም እያያችሁት ነው ጥላቻን ባበዛችሁት መጠን ይዞ የሚመጣው መዘዝ ከባድ ነው ልቦና ይስጠን።

    ለወንጀልም ለፓለቲካም ዘርን መጠቀሚያ ማድረግ የትም አያደርስም የየትኛውም ብሄር ይሁን ገዳይ ገዳይ ነው ሌባ ሌባ ነው ! የብሄር ከለላ እየሰጠን ወንጀለኛን መደበቅ ከቶውንም አይቻልም ! ህሊና ቢስነት ደካማ እና ድኩማን አስተሳሰብ ሊታረም ይገባዋል !

    የሚገርም ነው፡፡ኩሽ በላ ቁጥር ወያኔ ነው፡፡ባካቹ የዚህ ኩሩ አማራ ህዝብ ሞራል ጠብቁለት፡፡
    አማራው ማስተዳደር አልቻለም ድሮ አባቶቻቸው ሀይለስላሴን ከተቃወምክ መብረቅ ወርዶ ይጨርሳቹሀል እያሉ በማጭበርበር ገዙ ዘንድሮ በእውቀት መምራት ብቻ ነው እሚቻለው እውቀት ደሞ እነገዱ በደረሱበት አልደረሰም ስለዚ ህዝቡ እያለቀ እጃቸውን ወደትግራይ ይጠቁማሉ።

    Habesha Engdaw said:


    አይ አማራ ጭራሹን አልቋልማለት ይሻላል ትግሬ ሸናባችሁ ።
    በእነዚህ ህፃናቶች የፈሰሰ ደም ሳያንስ ለፓለቲካ ፍጆታ ሲባል ወያኔ ላይ አላኮ መጫወት እናም ማለፍ መሞከር እጅግ ልብ የሚድያደማ ፈጣሪ ይቅር የማይለዉ ኃጥያት ነዉ!!

    ታድያ የወገብከውን ወሬና የተጠቀምከው ምስል ምን ኣገናኘው ?
    ለነገሩ የጌታቸው እና የደፂ ፣ የሕኸሓትን ስም ልክ እንደ አባታችን ሆይ ደጋገማቹት ግን ሲበዛ ዝፍጦች ናቹ
    የአሞሮ ቆማጣ የዩቴቭ ጥሮተኛ
    አማራ የገዛ ወንድሙ ገዳይ
    የገዛ ልጁ ገዳይ ሆዳም አማራ ንጂ
    ለሌላ መጠቀን አይቻልም ውሽታም
    the last comment is written by a conniver amahra who strive to delude others :እንዲህ ያለ አረመኔያዊ ተግባር በወያኔ እንጅ በተራ ሽፍታ አይፈፀምም፤ በቆየው የሽፍታ ልማድ፣ ሕፃናትንና ሴቶችን እንኳን መግደል፣ ማንገላታትም እንደ ነውር፣ እንደውርደት ነው የሚታየው። ወያኔ ምን ያላመጣብን አረመኔአዊ ጉድ አለ?!
    ኣቤት ውሸት ኣማራክልል ትግሬነውእዴ የሚያስተዳድረው ወረኛ ።ምናለ ክልሉ መንግስት ኣልባ እደሆነ ብትዘግብ መስጊድ ኣቃጥሎ የሚይጨፍርህዝብ እኮነው ህፃናት ቢገድሉ ለነሱው ምንም ኣይደለም መክንያቱ ባኣማራ ክልል ምን የሆነ እዳለ ግልፅነው

  7. The two Merira and Jawar are counted as one since they are both out of the closet showing their marriage certificate from USA.

    The other one was security specialist guarding Jawar .

    So it was considered as having one person representing each party at this meeting .


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