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Ethiopia: 62 rescued from Child traffickers

Intended destination of child traffickers was the gulf region.

Child traffickers _ Ethiopia

January 3, 2020

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), state media reported on Friday that about 62 children were rescued from traffickers.  They were rescued in Kalu zone of South Wollo region in north-central Ethiopia.

ENA cited the district police office to report that they were rescued on Thursday night as illegal traffickers were intending to move them.

Police said that it was tipped from community members that the children were kept in an empty house in Degan town and being moved to Bati in a Bajaj.

There are children as young as 12 and 13 years of age, and 38 of them are said to be female while the rest are male. According to the report, they were lured by traffickers from East Amhara Districts and that authorities in the region are coordinating to return to their homes.

The report also said that more than 1000 residents from the region have been captured as they attempt to migrate to the Gulf Region since September 2019.

It is,however, unclear if any of the child traffickers are arrested.  

Police authorities in the region say that they are working with community members to reverse worsening human trafficking in the region.

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  1. Children are abducted everyday from Gamella region while it is not even getting the attention from the media as if our children are not human.


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