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Abiy Ahmed’s speech to Addis Ababa youth about his Prosperity Party

January 3, 2020

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed attended the last day of what looked like unofficial election campaign organized to engage Addis Ababa youth. His party was recognized by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia only a few weeks ago.

In his speech on Wednesday at the Millennium Hall, he said the thoughts and practices of Prosperity Party are unbeatable in Ethiopia for the coming 40 or 50 years.

Watch his speech below ( in Amharic)

Video : embedded from Fana Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Addis Ababa residents got the lights the roads but they are lazy , they could have reached better levels with all the lights they had, but since they are lazy they are at the stage they are in now. Atashufu belachew !!!!!

  2. Abiy is the pimp we all need to be greatfull for him in this time . we got him as a pimp willing to pimp us out. We got no better pimp if we did we would have known but since he is all we got, let him him be the pimp since pimping ain’t easy . When it comes down to it we get the big piece of the pie as we pristitutes always do regardless who pimps us , We are not diasporas. We are world-class Ethiopian prostitutes that are in finance that generated 90+ Billions USD to TPLF in the last 28 years now continue to generate more for our pimp Abiy we came up 10+ Billion USD for our great Pimp in 2020.

    Meles Zenawi called those Ethiopians that don’t support him diasporas. If you support him Meles pretends you are some other world-class human not diaspora.
    Meles called us those that work/ prostitute ourselves like Monica lewensky and Bill Clinton in world Bank IMF anyday all-day who support TPLF money monger fools world-class not diasporas, definitely not diasporas, regardless we those that worked in Bretton Woods affiliated NGO UN etc are the once that funded Meles Zenawi since he convinced the whole world TPLF held all Ethiopia hostage for ransom, we paid him and we were able to benefit in the meantime with salaries so up there paid to us from Bretton Woods which they wouldn’t paid us otherwise even if we prostituted ,Meles was the P I M P as we know Abiy is who we all hoped for NGO UN etc workers know it.PM HD wasn’t .
    Now I am retired I tell all “diasporas” , you don’t call yourselves diasporas because even EPRDF changed its name, call yourself the “not prostitutes” or something similar.

    Ethiopians working to Bretton Woods are world class prostitute’s and we are proud of it, each second even after retirement.

  3. False hope and fear is what EPRDF AG7
    Hailemariam Abiy Jawar Eskinder Nega put the country into.

    1. Now people are afraid of each other. The displacements we see , the university killings … are all caused by unnecessary fears the politicians created .

    2. False hope goes back to when Meles preached about feeding all Ethiopian people three times a day , while he was refering to as Ethiopian people just those people in his inner circle only. We are still being fed false hope till this day about how the country will prosper by electing Prosperity party .


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