Ethiopia’s intelligence dept says hundreds of anti-terror force trained ahead of events

Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security service prepares ahead of religious and other international events

 National Intelligence  _ Ethiopia

January 1, 2019

Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service Department said that it has trained about 532 professionals to work as an anti-terror force.

They were drawn from the department and other security agencies in the country, Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Wednesday.

In addition to those drawn from the national intelligence department, individuals selected from Ethiopian Defense Force, Federal Police, Addis Ababa Police Commission took part in the training.

The source said that the training covered topics ranging from tactics and threats of terrorism at the international level to the current situation in the country.

It was also intended as a sort of preparation for the security situation in the country for the upcoming religious holidays in Ethiopia, including Epiphany (Timkat) and Christmas (Gena) as well as the continental event of the African Union Summit which will happen sometime in February of this year.

National Intelligence and Security Service has called on community members to cooperate with security forces by sharing information about suspicious activities that could potentially lead to security problems.

Terrorism is still a challenge in the region.  Last week, at least 78 people were killed when a car bomb detonated at a busy checkpoint in a busy location in Somali’s capital, Mogadishu, and at least 90 others were injured, according to a report by the BBC.

Al-Shabab has made an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate former US president Barack Obama, this story was revealed much later by former US national security advisor Susan Rice, during his visit to Ethiopia in 2015.

There was also a more recent coordinated planned attack by ISIS and Al-Shabab. In September 2019, Ethiopian Intelligence claimed that they foiled a planned attack, and made arrests

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