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Berhanu Nega interview with Fana Broadcasting Corporate

January 1, 2019

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) interviewed leader of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (known in Amharic as EZEMA), Dr. Berhanu Nega.

Watch it below.

Video : embedded from Fana Broadcasting Corporate
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Prof…it is high time you stop reorganizing a political party and become a team member in rebuilding Ethiopia. This idea, my way or no way…is a waste of time. Be wise, you’re a learned man.

  2. It sounds the Prof. is confused or forgotten. A nation’s economic growth is driven by two major policies.. fiscal policy and monetary policy under macroeconomics. Fiscal policy is key in stimulating aggregate demand and the government is doing exactly that, by initiating massive investment and private projects…to increase employment and consumption at the same time.

    In Ethiopia as in many countries, corruption is a major problem, and it takes time to root it out. The Prof. sounds that the economic policy under PM Abiy is skewed to favor a certain group. I don’t believe that…because, corruption was there before Abiy and is here now, which is the result of the abusive tendencies of those in power to reap the benefit of such an opportunity. In all fairness, it is also the public that is responsible for corruption, in corrupting those in power. All driven due to poverty…


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