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Ethiopian gov’t to form “Independent Council of Economic Advisers”

Ethiopian government invites interested professionals to form Independent Council of Economic Advisers. But much of the economic reform agenda has been completed

Independent Council of Economic Advisers  _ Ethiopian gov't

December 31, 2019

The Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia announced on Tuesday that it is working to form a national body labeled as “Independent Council of Economic Advisers.”  The statement from the office said this national body is going to be a “neutral” one.

Getting input from natural professionals could ensure policy inclusivity, and could also help understand the complex social problem that the country is living, and to examine multi-faceted policy alternatives and get suggested solutions, says a statement from the government.

The initiative is also intended to enhance the acceptance of government policies among the people and non-governmental institutions. 

While Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed claims that “Independent Council of Economic Advisers” is natural, it seeks to have “consultation” with the government from time to time.

This national body will have fifteen members and is open for Ethiopians, and people of Ethiopian origin (apparently Ethiopian Diaspora)

In terms of criteria for membership, the statement cites, among others, reputation and experience in the area (economics), gender and other diversity with a deeper understanding of the country’s economy and social reality.

The customary practice is diversifying an entity mostly focuses on ethnic diversity as Ethiopia is still a country a constitutionally based ethnic politics and administrative structure that has been drawing criticism for decades now.

Also, from experience in the recent past, a formation of an entity like this is usually something that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gets it done. Apparently, he has avoided being on the frontline this time around. 

His government wants the selection process to be “inclusive and transparent”, and has announced an email address ( to accept documents from interested individuals. Those interested are required to submit applications within 15 days.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed introduced an aggressive privatization scheme as part of his economic reform measures.  His government has already decided (perhaps with some back door negotiation with state and non-state actors that have managed to create a sphere of influence over Ethiopia) to privatize most reputable national assets including Ethio-Telecom and Ethiopian Airlines.

This month, his government got nearly $10 billion dollars in loans from the Bretton Woods Institutions like The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and The World Bank Group (WB). Part of the requirement on the part of the Ethiopian government was to further devalue the Ethiopian currency.

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  1. 1.To mobilize the unemployed youth to work peacefully, all Ethiopians need to make sure that they are able to live and work in every part of the country without the constant state of emergency martial law rule which currently is estimated to be in effect for over one third of the country.

    2. Currently the cost of living and the average income of a person is too far apart it is creating too much uncertainty on how people are expected to make a living.

    3.The previous PM Hailemariam Desalegn and ex President of Oromia Muktar Kedir economic initiative to give Querro plots of farm lands didn’t satisfy the economic demands of Querros, so Oromos question in regards to the economy must be answered separately and urgently to bring peace in the volatile state of Oromia. Answering the Querros Oromos question is vital since same events of dividing huge mechanized development farm lands into small pieces of farm plots to give to the locals is being seen in other parts of the country as well.

    4.Since the country is being a country of numerous committee and councils that only last until they obeyed the politicians leaders, there is no point in organizing this economic council unless it is a publicity stance propoganda attempt to save the image of the EPRDF Prosperity Party sellout economic policy that had been going on for decades with no real reform and raise more funds for Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund EDTF.

    5. Economic Council of Ethiopia cannot go against the United Nations Economic Council for Africa UNECA since the Economic Council of Africa ECA got leverage over Ethiopia with the GERD deal going spiral all across the board.

  2. The war is actually against Querro/Oromo mahbereseb. A bunch of Oromo-speaking group formed unnatural ideology against the Ethiopian people and quero: protestant, arab flags, latin, wahabi and now the oromiya is hijacked by strange-looking groups and making the region at stand still killing its economy. quero must wake up and must hold hand in hand with the rest of its brothers and get rid of this second coming tplf-style control in the region. Dont be tricked by Jawar, quero. Look, every Oromo region the economy stopped because Jawar ordered the killings so that people can’t work there anymore killing the economy. quero better wake up.

  3. Punishing few people for doing the jobs the late Crime Minister Meles ZeNazi hired them to do and not punishing others for doing what the late Crime Minister Meles ZeNazi hired them to do is not justice or upholding the rule of law.

    Simegnew was free all his life not accused of any crime now all of a sudden after all these time, 50 people METEC this that get arrested trying to find out things that the trace is long far away, maybe after Hailemariam Desalegn , Azeb Mesfin , Aba Dulla Gamada & the rest of all the TPLF officials pass away certain employees of TPLF military INSA EFFORT will get arrested for doing what the TPLF’s officials hired them to do in the last 28 years.


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