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China to Create Sustainable Power Alternatives to Ethiopia’s Industrial Parks

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By  Tesfa-Alem Tekle
December 31, 2019 

(ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopia said it is working to permanently resolve power shortage problems that are facing to its Chinese built industrial parks.

Ethiopia’s Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) said that the government has signed an agreement with the Chinese government for the latter to create a sustainable energy alternatives for industrial parks of the horn of Africa’s nation.

The plan intends to replace the park’s high dependency on the direct electricity supply which still falls short to meet the power demand of the ever growing industrial sector of the country.

Sources from IPDC told Borkena that  research is being conducted for experimental parks based on the direction that the industrial parks have their own energy option.

Accordingly, studies on the use of solar, wind and steam options are underway, and the private sector’s interest in solar energy is being explored.

It said policy improvements and feasibility studies are already underway in order to transform the work into action based on the results of the study.

The source noted that the ongoing study is expected to be completed soon and implementation will proceed accordingly.

Borkena has learnt that installing

the sustainable energy alternatives will allow the industrial parks to function efficiently and further ensures the success of parks in relation to the cost of electricity alternatives.

It was disclosed that complying with the park’s infrastructure, including power, is an obligation of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation.

Shortage of electricity supply had been the major challenge for the several parks to operate in full-scale.

Hawassa industrial park is said to be the only park which doesn’t have power shortages.

Built at a cost of $ 250 million, Hawassa Industrial Park is seen as a model for economic and environmental sustainability.

Designed and built by a Chinese company, the park which went functional in 2016, applies the latest technology to treating and recycling about 90 percent of its water sewage discharge.

The facility intends to reach “zero liquid discharge” in a bid to attain an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy features.

According to reports, the park, which hosts 14 major apparel companies,

was also developed with concern for industry issues such as human rights, worker safety, transportation, clean and efficient energy, water usage, and community development.

Currently there are around 23 industrial parks in Ethiopia including those under construction by the government and by the private sector.

China has been at the forefront in sharing its experience to Ethiopia in the sector in a bid to make the horn Africa’s nation successful in industrial parks.

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