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Ethiopia charged Azebe Asnake 2017 POWER-GEN Woman of the Year over corruption

Azeb Asnake _ Ethiopia _ Corruption charge
Azeb Asnake

December 27, 2019

Ethiopia charged on Friday Azeb Asnake, former head of state-owned Electric Power Generation firm, Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.

State-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) said she was charged in connection with the Deforestation project which was part of the preparation work for Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD).

She is charged with fifty other people including deputy director of METEC, state-owned Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), Colonel Mulu Wolde-Gabriel.

She was terminated as Executive Director of Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation in August of 2018 without explanations.  But at the time, it was rumored that she was removed from her position in connection with corruption.

About a year before her termination, she was named as “the 2017 Power Generation Woman of the Year” POWER-GEN International event for “advancing power generation in Ethiopia.”  Under her watch, Ethiopia’s power generation capacity was transformed from 2,430 MW to 4,500 MW according to the report.

In her role as CEO of EEPC, she managed the construction and operation of transmission lines including the export of electricity to neighboring countries like Djibouti, Sudan, and Kenya.

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia charged Azebe Asnake 2017 POWER-GEN Woman of the Year over corruption, borkena, December 27, 2019”

    Sad Commentary,
    Reading the news item, transformed me into unbelievable numbness.

    In the struggle to equalize the opportunity of work between Men and Women, it is obvious that the Lady has, upon her shoulder, a profound expectation, admiration, and image bestowed upon her by all Females as well as fair-minded Males, in the environment of equal work-employment. Unfair as it may sound, however, she succumbed to the lowest level of characteristic to shatter the noble undertakings to elevate women to the level of male compatriots, thus equalizing women and men on the same pedestal. It must be the most unforgettable damaging act.

    Having said that, however, I am quick to add that I am cognizant of the fallibility of human beings in any activities. What I am referring to is the age-old discrimination of women in work places simply because of their femininity. In that ‘atmosphere’, therefore, the Act of the Female
    “Executive Director of Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation” is — putting it lightly — the most damaging act in the struggle to equalize the employment opportunities in any workplace. In short, the sad Act may tend to undermine the struggle for equality among women and men. Let us hope we all learned an important lesson out of the unfortunate Act.

  2. It is so sad that people are quick to put a woman in power down! She has done nothing but good for the country and had worked tirelessly as the CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power! It is only a matter of time before they realize their accusations are false and unfounded and that sexism plays a big part in the rumors made against her!

  3. I prefer to wait until the detail of the charges is made public and how this female engineer is implicated. The sudden charges against her make me wonder a lot. Was it her choice to remain passive of all what was going on around her that brought these charges against her? I can imagine with all the hordes of misogynist thugs around her, what power she would have to stop them from looting. Any thug could just walk into her office and tell her what he and his former ‘comrades’ from their years in the bushes had decided for this or that project that she did not have to worry anything about it. I remember what one countryman told me a few years after 1991. He came here to pay a visit to a relative. He told us that he had to look the other way in order to be able to raise a family and provide for them. There were millions like him who opted to stay indifferent to anything political just to raise a family just like what he was doing all those years during the Mengistu era. Was this female engineer in the same category of such people? The article above does not tell us if she is in jail or out on bail. All what it tells us was she was charged. Charges of what kind? Negligence? Not saying anything about the carnage unleashed by the despots on the nation’s coffers? I want to know the details of the charges against her. Did she benefit financially from the loot? If she had done that then she should pay for her criminal action. From what I hear about her is that she was an accomplished engineer and I hope she did sully it all up with repulsive act of corruption. Emptying of a nation’s coffers just does not make individuals filthy rich but it kills citizens. How so you may ask? That is because the looted money could have been used to build roads where sick people can rich hospitals sooner before it is too late. Clinics can be opened at close distance where citizens can get treatments to killer diseases like malaria, typhoid and many other infectious maladies. In countries like Ethiopia, to me looters of the nation’s coffers are not only ordinary thieves but outright murderers. They are demons of the third kind and should be sent to prisons(not death penalty) for a long time. I wish someone will be able to post copy of the charges that included this very accomplished engineer so we can see and read all about it!!! Until then I will refrain myself from passing any judgment on this engineer.

  4. ኢትዮዽያ አገሬ ሞኝ ነሽ ተላላ
    የገደለሽ ከብሮ የገደለሽ በላ::
    ኢንጅኔር አዜብ ለአገርዋ የሰራች ሰው ነች; ያለምንም ክስና ማስረጃ ከስራዋ አፈናቅለዋታል:: እንደሚሉት ሙሰኛ ብትሆን አገርዋ ላይ አትቀመጥም ነበር::

  5. Agul lesiltan teblo leielqit kemewagat
    Wenjelaegnanim bihon angiso mergat

    Mech tefabinima tegorarso tekaflo meblat
    Ers beirse tekefaflen sanhon sisay letelat

    Bager bemidru beztuwal asasach negadew
    Yelelaw matref mebeltseg yemiyasabidew

    Haya ametat wede huwala lalememeles
    Lebawunim bihon angiso wedefit megesges

  6. They must have been meaning to arrest Azeb Mesfin, not Azeb Asnake . The court attorney general has put so many people behind bars over wrong identity, sadly to protect the image of the attorney rather than freeing the wrongly accused the attorney general continues with the false accusations with many staying behind bars going through
    lengthy trials.

  7. Azeb Asnake was removed from her post more than a year ago she didn’t even try to hide because she knew she was innocent. Now more than a year later Azeb Asnake is implicated and my fifty others being used as a scape goat for the Querros transformer stealing ring hooligans actions which the law enforcement was giving blind folded eyes towards all these times.

    The lawless Querro hooligans had time and time again robbed electricity transformers with ODP Abiy appeasing the Querros with not enforcing the law to protect the transformers for too long, if anyone need to be arrested over Querros robbery of banks and transformers it is Abiy himself who needs to get arrested for appeasing the criminals since now the S!!t hit the fan with the electricity company getting on the verge of bankruptcy he cannot hide his failed security measures he practiced in order to protect Querro terrorists. Abiy is forced to raise the price for electricity by three folds to cover the financial loss the Querros caused the rongly blaming Azeb Asnake for Querros robbery.

    The way this Abiy plays YEABIYEN LEIMIYE is so sh!ty , he claims in Bashasha where he grew he had no electricity so now allover the country is going dark with price for electricity growing three folds because he let Querro steal the transformers.

    Abiy should resign ASAP before he does more irreversible damage to the fragile country. Enough is enough.Action speaks louder he is a terrorist supporter.

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