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Ethiopian Muslims in Dessie, Woldia to condemn Mosque attacks

Muslims protest in Dessie, Woldia, Jimma, among other towns, condemning the attacks on mosques in Motta, western Ethiopia

Ethiopian Muslims protest _ Dessie _ Woldia
The protest in Dessie. Photo credit : ENA

December 27, 2019

Muslims in Dessie and Woldia, towns in northern Ethiopia, protested condemning the attacks on Mosques and businesses of Muslims in Motta town last week, state media Ethiopian News Agency reported on Friday.

“The attacks in Motta is a shame for us, erodes our cultural values and we condemn it,” Protestors are cited as saying.

Dessie Provisional Mejlis Council President, Sheikh Indris Beshir, said: “We all need to play our part without making a religious distinction to save Ethiopia from havoc at this difficult time.”

The protestors in Dessie and Woldia have also called for respect for the rule of law, to hold politicians who are exploiting religion as a tool for their motive accountable.

The protest was not recognized by the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council which issued a statement on Thursday calling for Amhara Regional State officials to address five key questions in connection with the attack in Motta.

Amhara Regional State as announced that it has arrested 33 suspects in connection with the burning of three Mosques and at least 18 businesses belonging to Muslims in Motta town.

There were also reports of protest in Jimma town, in South West Ethiopia.

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  1. Warning,

    No matter what there are already muslim extremists who are funded by outsiders and the fact that Aby being Muslim will empower and embolden the muslim extremists, as of now al shabab is in the country, more than mosque burning, right now the muslim extremists are burning churches and cleansing the land in east, central, south oromiya and debu region and instead building mosques very quickly, the constructing mosques is fast and finishes within a week! Plus, the 80 people killed by the order of jawar not ONE muslim condemned it let alone the burning of churches . There is rumor, that more and more Muslims are turning towards the extremists and Muslim Brotherhood supported both by arab /Turk/western countries against the indigenous in order to dominate and \esrae/shabial just like Egyptian and Syrian Christians eventually will start to affect the Christians to turn them into minority. Aby must step down not because he wasn’t leading but it is emboldening the muslim extremists. Unecessary, the protest, while Christians are,being persecuted the,most is to show to arab wesrern world they are one in muslim brotherhood. Because the so called ahmedin jebel is part and parcel of muslim brotherhood, he is showing they want more in a country where Ethiopia invited and protected Mohammeds people now these wahabis. It is not going stop here.

    Aby when he took the power and gave speech the first time, he said “”kirakimbo ” what was he referring to? Could it be the tabot he is talking to? Islam extremists in Afghanistan, syria, iraq had destroyed many of the country’s historical, beliefs, artifacts, ststues, treasures helped foreigners loot the artifacts where civilizations in these area originated turning them into nations who have no civilizations, various beliefs, turning the nations backward, wahabi /Turk opressed societies under the name of Islam rather giving ways for foreigners to colonize them. Ahmed gragn /colonization /secretly yodit gudit are working hand in hand against the people of ethiopia who have their own traditions and turning it into foreign wahabi /turkish/ protestant/colonization types. They want us to choose from all this alien to Ethiopia. Right now the protest by ahmedin jebel is a call against the traditional Ethiopians .

  2. The headline of this seemingly article of news does NOT jive with what I hear from relatives in the capital. In majority of the demonstrations there were also citizens who profess Christianity and the demonstrations were conducted peacefully. I was told that in many of these demonstrations participants were holding placards condemning the torching of houses of worship and followers, both mosques and churches. Let’s not try to fan a smoldering fire from our comfy homes at a safe distance thousands of miles away from that gem of the colored and humanity.

  3. We never heard or saw Muslims protesting when many Churches were burnt to ground and when priests and parishioners were killed by Muslim extremist for years.

    No Muslim came out to condemn when Jawar instigated the killings of Christians and burning Churches. This is a sign that Muslims ego has emboldened by Abiy’s dead appeasing and deaf behavior when Christians and Amharas kept being slaughtered by Queerro hooligans and lawless Oromo Muslim extremest aided and encouraged by Jawar and his Arab plotters against Christians.

    Unlike extremest Oromo Muslims, Christians believe in peaceful coexisting, never believe in burning place of worships, parishioners or killing of innocent people because they are not Christians nor from their particular ethnic group .

    Time and time again Dr. Abiy has failed Christians and by appeasing notorious Oromo criminals and playing dead during crisis and catastrophes. His leadership is one sided, very secretive with Gulf Arabs leaders, pampering Jawar instead of charging him with murder and instigating violence that puts Christians on suspicion.


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