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The Big Buna Bash – book launch in Washington D.C.

The Big Buna Bash _ book launch _ Ethiopia

December 26, 2019

When Almaz makes a mistake in school, she’s really embarrassed! Other kids tease her because they don’t understand her Ethiopian culture. How can she use her family’s traditions to make friends? She needs to host a BIG BUNA BASH!

The Big Buna Bash is a book about Almaz. The Author, Sarah Arnold, says the book is “especially for Ethiopian/American children (although ALL kids can benefit from it)”

Ethiopian Airlines sponsored book launch event is  February 16th at 4:00 at Letena Restaurant in D.C.  

HIH Prince Joel David Makonnen Haile Selassie reviewed the book and had the following to say :

“This is a sweet story.  It’s so touching to see young Almaz decide to turn an uncomfortable situation into an opportunity to rise to the occasion and share her unique cultural traditions. That is a good trait to learn in life.  I appreciate Sara Arnold’s initiative in writing this book, not only because it gives young readers the chance to experience our Ethiopian culture through the traditional buna ceremony that brings people together, but also because Almaz can be a role model to younger generations everywhere.  It is a story that says, ‘Do not be afraid of being who you are.  What makes you different can be difficult sometimes, but it can also make you unique and interesting to others.’  In times like these, we definitely need more stories like The Big Buna Bash!”

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  1. Absolutely Buna ceremony or get to gather brings people near to each other.

    PM Modi started his election campaign as CHAI PE CHARCHA ie DISCUSSION WITH TEA.

    Both Ethiopian PM Dr. Abiye and India PM Mr. Modiji whole focuss is on common men and their upliftment may be at the cost of affluent.

    Let there be more and more Buna Bash and MEDEMBER the focuss of ethinic unity


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