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Lemma Megersa, Abiy Ahmed will continue to lead the change says EPRDF

Lemma Megersa _ Abiy Ahmed _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : EPRDF official

December 23, 2019

Ethiopia’s ruling coalition EPRDF, which is poised to be a single party under the name Prosperity Party, has shared an update on Monday regarding the rift between Lemma Megersa and Abiy Ahmed.

The brief writing shred on the party’s social media page said: “Lemma Megersa and Abiy Ahmed will continue to lead the change.”

Recalling the differences (which were described as “some”) between the two politicians, the party said that it was over-inflated in different media outlets.

“It was not an individual fight [feud] between them. It was a reflection of exercising free expression of one’s views,” said the statement.

The difference was over the question of how to lead the change in a way to ensure continuity of the change, asserted the statement form EPRDF.

It was public that a mediation effort was going on behind the scenes which is not mentioned in the statement. It only said that the two politicians have debated their differences and have resolved it and that they have agreed to continue to work together.

It is to be remembered that Lemma Megersa appeared in the Oromo Language service of Voice of America to declare publicly that he does not agree with the merger of member parties of the ruling coalition and with the formation of Prosperity Party, among other things.  To read what he said at the time, please check out the link here.

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  1. Good the drama is over. Then if EPDRF/PP want to come to the positive part it has to start working and acting as owner to make the transition. That starts with denouncing bring to justice all those who have committed the unthinkable from the start of change just to have short cuts to power holding. It also means undoing all the bad things done during the past decades when EPDRF ruled. I can put some bullets here.

    – Nationalization of EFFORT and returning proceeds and resources to all Ethiopians as most was stolen unlawfully from the Ethiopian people
    – Bring all human right abusers not only of Tigrean or only specific ethnic members as abusers. We know there were abusers from all ethic groups.
    – Restoration should be paid to all small ethnic groups that were affected by the development goals. All small ethnic groups like the Omotic and in the Gambella area as individual and not some farce political force claiming to represent them should be given a bonds from the development projects without right to sell but benefiting from maturity returns and holding and preserving ownership of the land where the projects are running.

    – The same bonds should be issued by municipalities that have expanded like Addis Ababa and taxes that residents of those expanded areas pay should serve on maturing those bonds of the land holders.

    When PP is taking these kind of retroactive restoration of justice can then only be taken seriously otherwise is just playing drama to stay more time in power.

    Above all PP should humble itself and bring itself down to the people and other contending political parties or civic organizations

    Happy Holidays for All those who celebrate these days.

  2. There is news that the reason for attack Mosque was an ajenda to let in Al Shabab in the country, Al Shabab got in through Somali (so, is ONLF still exists?) then it has spread through Harerge and Oromia already and is getting ready to spread towards other regions. Ethiopians are just silence about it because of delusion, this news is most likely true this shows what the ajena of the government/pp party is. Do they keep forming party for another stage of violence? Wake up people.

  3. People are still not getting it. Everything is a lie! The face of Aby /lemma/PP party etc, nothing is changing! Just like Ethiopians have been tricked in the past 27 years, it is the same! In fact what we have in common, culture, language, religion is being separated!! If you speak amharic in Harerge, Debub, Oromiya you will be killed!! These people are making situations worse, not better!! Whether tplf /ehadeg is gone it doesn’t matter! They are making us alienate one another strangers to one another so that we have NOTHING in common. Italy tried to do that before they got defeated. Today PP party/ehadeg /Aby /lemma etc are tricking us. They are doing the order of Shabia!! We are not not going forward, they are. Showing smily face doesn’t cut it. If Ethiopia is in danger, and the lemma People must organize the people this separation. Instead so shabab organized by shabia /tplf are already in the country to create somalia type chaos. In order to implement what they want. Whatever it is, the one who will always be attacked will be those who believe they are Ethiopians, Christians, sufi muslims, those who believe our kings freed us from clonialism. Aby, lemma, etc are distracting us.,if they follow our value we all should have participated in bringing peace to Ethiopia, stop ethnic fanaticism, separation, etc. Ethiopians both in Ethiopia /diaspora are sleeping again just like 27 years!

  4. Ye lalibela b/Christian wanaw ye ityopia selitane milikit bewech hailoch, tourism bememsel kewest telatoch gar eyaferaresut yigegnal. Ityopia hezb, alachihu? Ene team lemma sele oromo guaruachew niw yemiyawerut, melaw ityooian yemetebek aydelem. Eyerotu wede wech hager yemiwetut ketelatoch gar niw. Lalibelan yemadan aydelem. Lalibela, yetikur, yebezu shi silitane milikit, wedetach yetegeneba milikit niw. Zare bewech hail tezaz meknyat telatoch eyetekoferut yihen yesilitane milikitachinin eyatefut yigegnalu.

    Lalibelan adinu!

  5. Ityopiaw eyetebela eyale masreja ale. Tplf kehede, chaos endifeter eyebase kehede, tplf meta kere leityooianoch minim lewt yelem! Tplf lai binasabibim dr abyen alasera alut binil enkuan ewnetim niw bekefil, hailu tplf lai kale, olfen tplf astebabro megetel enkuan biyaseb, still, kulfu tplf lai niw malet niw. Olf /odp tplen yemaynekaw hailu eskikenis dires niw. Tadya odp /PP ende ityopia kegeza lemin siw yimotal beyekenu? Aynun aftito yemetaw ye orom zeregnet lemin yebase bik ale siltan be oromo ej wedko? Lemin akrati zeregnoch jawar wede ityooia tegabeze? Gilts yehone oromia wist aby siltan keyaze jemiro leloch kerstian yehonu lela zer yehonu eyetegedelu lemin yideregal. Tplf niw kalin, hailu tplf gar niw kalin, Aby mengist ye ityooiawianin dehninet kalastebeku, tikimu min lai niw yezih mengist? Aby be international taweke sinil lerasu niw. Yih malet, yewech hail enesu yemifeligutin endiyadergilachew bicha niw. Ye ertran genegnunet betam tekami mehon ende ajenda alem lai tesrbeke, alamaw mindim niw? Or ityooia min tikim alew beselam ends ager eyenorin aydelem. Eyebase sinil, oromia, debub wist zegoch eyaleku niw, eyetechekonu kemanegnawem gize belai. Yih malet odp mengist ende selamawi mengist alemehinun yasredal meknyatum 1. ye jawar and co group hezben eyasgedele niw, jawar kewech network selalew, ityooia wist networkun zergitaul. Alewetrow, aby wede rusia kemehedu befit atbiko begon sile jawr tenagro sihed, jawar tekebibalehu bemalet 80 siw netsuh sewochin ke mengist gar ginignunet yelelachewen asgedele. Aby be code niw yetenagerew, yalew letekarani gudai niw sele jawar asmesilo? Jawar tekebibalehu silim, ye abyen code wesdo le gedayoch becode gidelu yemalet gudai niw. Yehe gidya, rusia sihed min melekt alew? Jawar niw weyes Aby? ye shabiana ye wech hail agentoch? Weyes huletum abrew niw yemiserut? Ye shibir tikatu ityooiawian lai mastenkekya niw, kemanim wech erdata ke ende rusia aynet ager kefelegachihu egna nen ageritun yetekotaternew yemilu melikit niw. 2. Ye odp mengist hailun eyechemere yalew ke tplf yebelete (odp ke tplf gar abrom eyesera bihon) adegegna behone, bezu kewech yemeta yemimesil, engida yehone ageritun endale maninetuan awliko wede akrarinet eslimina zeregnet kewech eju ityopia wist yetenekere yemimesil derijit meret lai yitayal. Yih Odp mengist dekamanet /abro benezih hail meret lai eyetebabere yimeslal. Tadya leityooianoch yih engida neger bemin tekemachew? 3. Shabia gar megenagnet, gidya,akumual? Engida/bada neger lageritu eyetewaweke yalew lemindin niw? Shabia yewech telikon beityopia lai eyaderege niw? Shabia /tplf somalia wist budinoch endaluachew gilts niw.

    Ityopia batekalai bewech hail hijack tedergalech. Ahun yemibalew, al shabab network sir eyesedede ageritu wist gebtual betetenkek lai niw. Tadiya odp /Aby mengist min lay niw ende selamawi mengist yemigezaw yalew? Betechemari, beahun gize ityopia ye haimanot torinet lai nech, endale, oromiya /debub lelochim bota lai b/kiristianachin eyetseda niw, kewech sergo bemegbat be oromo sim tekelaklo yegeba hail, b/kerstianin akatlo eyecherese niw. Bemetekyaw, Mesgid /protestant emnet betoch eyeteteka niw. Tadya aby mengist ityooian beselam eyegeza niw? ZIM MALET TEBABARINET NIW. Eskahun mengist siltan lai keweta jemiro zim belual. Tadya bemin bekul niw be turk /shabia erdata B/kerstian eyakatele eyatefa eyale mengist etyooian nebar maninetuan wede akrari eslemena /protestant eyekeyere libsuan eyaweleke yalew ityooian yemiredat. Bahun gize ye akrari eslamawi /protestant nebarun maninetachinin eyatefa, sine tsihufachinin /ager bekel yehonutin silitnewochin ende gize /wazema /jazz ityooia /aba gedan /wake fanan /ortodoxen /yeoromo feres gugsin /megeben /bahelen wede artificial ayer bekel yalhonutin eyadtewaweken yalew, tadiya, yih mengist minu lai niw ityooian yemitebikew?

    Selezih alsheshum zor alu becha sayhon, tplf hede meta leityopia fada alsetem. Hulet setanoch alu :andu yeminawkew anti kemenawkew yebelete eyeshetete yalew, yeminawkewen emertalehu. Derg hedelin efoy bilen, tplf elelel sinil yehew, 27 amet ityopian godto erasu mot afaf dersual. Zare demo beAby negeger becha kelai ityopian yemimesil eyekeba (kemirum)bihon enkuan, meret lai gin beftsum bada neger eyetekesete yale beityooia hezb lai yezihen lewet elelelel eyalin wede ityooia kemaninetua matfat becha sayhon wede megenetatel yederesebet kehone, tplf min alegn? Ityooia yetebalew bezih mengist yebelete eyetebela kes bekes niw. Yihe mengist kewech hail biyaz enkuan lehezb beteleyaye behone neger /zede masayet alebet. Destegna memesel le photo hezben waga yaskefilal. Shabiam, alamaw, yihew ityooian adanku yemil yimeslal, begon ashebariwochin eyelakelin. Lelaw yemastenekikew, ityooia yemil hail ende ezema, erasu betesfa becha yeminkesakes kehone hezben ayatalil, gin ye ezema /balderas nikinake leityooia tesfa bisetim, ende 27 amet memognet makom alebet. Mederader eko ke shabiam hone ke odp ityooian eyegedlu aydelem, lib eyaweke metalel ayawatam. Elik, yebeletewen seitan kememegeb ena ityooian mechereshawan kemayet, ezih adega lai ladersat tplf gar diridir emertalehu, ewnet, ageritu, bene alshabab keteyazech.

    Belela bekul demo yekedmow seitan, tplf becha sayhon shabia ajenda sayhonim aykerim. Tplf kewerede le erta ityooia adega nech bemalet yersun talakuan ertran lememesret ityooian yemadakem guzow eyeketele yihonal. Lebezu amet hail beji sir yehonew shabia, kewech hailoch bagegnew hail, yerasun beityooia wistina endene (gebeyehu, abadula, aby, ezema tamagnoch begidim hone bewed) bewech hail ageritun wede 2 menged liwesdat yichilal.1. Yerasu ashebariwoch ityooian bemasferarat, ituooipan me tplf wede shabia lemadhegager be olf sim 2. Ashebariwochin ke tplf gar bemaderajet ityopian kasteka behuala, yihew ene negn ityooian yadankuat yemalet ajenda yimeslal. Lezih niw, amaran eyanshebalele yalew. Lenegeru yih hulu min ashebarinet yasfeligal ewnet yehone simiminet kale? Aymeslim, alamaw, ityooian regto yemegzat alama yimeslal. 3. Yewech hail baskemetut meseret, ityopian yematftina afrika kend hibret bemil amekagnto ityooian atfito hebretun mesrito, yeshabia yebelayneten maregaget niw. Alewetrowachew, befit yemaygegnu ertrawoch, beye ityooia b/kerstian, diasporaw bik malet jemerewal. Tadya ertrawoch keityooiawianoch gar genegninetachewen lemin akuaretu? Lemin ahun memtat felegu? Yih yemiyasayew, teleko endale shabia ityooian eyetekotatere niw yemiyasayew. Lenegeru, ewnet ortodox kehone meri, tadya keityooia gar mehon niw yemishalew wey menetel? Lezih niw, seltan haimanot yelewem. 4. Shabia olf ageritun endigeza lemin yifeligal? Yaw, ende tplf ageritun bezer yematerames ajenda bicha sayhon, kakidan yeteferaremutin ityooian lemgenetatel lemasdereg niw, yaw, ityooia kign asgezachign bemalet tirikt kim bekel yimeslal. Yam hone yih, tplf hone olf hone shabia, yemaykotaterut hijack betderege yewech hail sir lihon yichilal. Bemecheresham, bekign tegezinet ityooian wede megenetatel, maninetuan yematfat ajenda eyetaye niw.

    Endewem wede adega eyehedin niw milikitochu


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