Lemma Megersa, Abiy Ahmed will continue to lead the change says EPRDF

Lemma Megersa _ Abiy Ahmed _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : EPRDF official

December 23, 2019

Ethiopia’s ruling coalition EPRDF, which is poised to be a single party under the name Prosperity Party, has shared an update on Monday regarding the rift between Lemma Megersa and Abiy Ahmed.

The brief writing shred on the party’s social media page said: “Lemma Megersa and Abiy Ahmed will continue to lead the change.”

Recalling the differences (which were described as “some”) between the two politicians, the party said that it was over-inflated in different media outlets.

“It was not an individual fight [feud] between them. It was a reflection of exercising free expression of one’s views,” said the statement.

The difference was over the question of how to lead the change in a way to ensure continuity of the change, asserted the statement form EPRDF.

It was public that a mediation effort was going on behind the scenes which is not mentioned in the statement. It only said that the two politicians have debated their differences and have resolved it and that they have agreed to continue to work together.

It is to be remembered that Lemma Megersa appeared in the Oromo Language service of Voice of America to declare publicly that he does not agree with the merger of member parties of the ruling coalition and with the formation of Prosperity Party, among other things.  To read what he said at the time, please check out the link here.

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