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Wolayta Committee for Human Rights Statement on Wolayta Statehood question

Wolaita Statehood _ Wolayta Committee

WCHR Press Release
December 19, 2019

The Wolayta Committee for Human Rights (WCHR) condemns the extrajudicial arrests of Wolayta activists today by the Ethiopian military. The people of Wolayta have protested peacefully and there was no tension until the federal forces arrived to the zone.

WCHR also condemns the reckless rhetoric of several Wolayta activists who are failing to show the same patience displayed by the honorable Wolayta people. Fame hungry activists should stop putting Wolayta people on harms way. These same activists never cared when dozens of innocent Wolayta people were massacred in Hawassa, Burayu, Ziway and many suburban towns nationwide during the ethnocentric and xenophobic killings of recent years. So our people should not follow these power-hungry politicians and activists during the peaceful and democratic struggle for equality.

Nonetheless, the reported basis of the latest arrests, predicated upon a potential future destabilization of the region, is not a credible reason for the detentions. The federal and SNNPR state governments must stop the arbitrary arrests and follow the rule of law when protecting the security of Ethiopian citizens. (WCHR)

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  1. EX-TPLF’s informants (previous regime’s informants), that affected farmers ability to get access to fertilizers from companies such as Yara Norway fertilizer company should make amends .

    Now the Secretary General of the Wolaita National Movement (WNM) Andualem Tadesse Boltena, is detained by security apparatus detectives, since many Ethiopians including Andualem are starting to resort to referendum as the only solution , for their their fertilizer shortage problems.


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