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“Wolayta statehood question is not reversible”activists

Wolayata statehood question is unstoppable. Sidama zone has already approved the question. Next step before national election board organize a referendum like in the case of Sidama is for the regional state council to pass decision

Wolayta _ statehood
Ato Tekle Borena, Chiarman of Wolayta Democratic Front.

December 13, 2019

The question of ethnic-based statehood took a center stage in what is now Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region for some for over a year, at least.

Some political pundits tend to see rising ethnic-based statehood in the region as a work of radical ethnic Oromo nationalists and the objective behind is, according to these analysts, to break apart the entire region in a way to make them an easy targets for Oromization project.

That goals behind the actions of ethnic Oromo nationalists, those including government position, may be arguable. What is clear is that have championed the breaking up of Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region and demonstrated support as seen in the case of ethnic Sidama statehood.

On November 23, National Election Board of Ethiopia disclosed the result of the referendum for ethnic Sidama statehood which was administered on November 20. According to the board, more than 98 percent voted for ethnic Sidama statehood.

Now, ethnic Wolayta zone which is part of the region is pushing for similar status. Activists for the cause claim that there is no power that can reverse Wolayta zone’s move towards a statehood status. The question to break away is constitutional and several other ethnic groups in the region are vying for statehood. What is the fate of the region if all these question are honored as in the case of Sidama is very clear – there will no longer be Southern region which was the only Ethiopian region which was not organized on the basis of ethnicity in the sense that more than 50 ethnic groups that constituted it unlike the rest of regional states.

Video below features Wolayata activists making a case for ethnic Wolayta state.

Video : embedded from Andafta media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Rather than giving statehood to one ethnicity and making others wait to get statehood , the reformed federal institution which got billions to spend can easily let all eighty ethnicities hold a referendum for statehood at the next election and get over the statehood ethnic controversy all at the same time.It is not fair for ethnicities populated close to Tigray and above got their own states while others did not because it led to uncontrollable population growth just because all ethnicities wanted to have their own states. If we give statehood to all ethnicities regardless of their population then the population growth problem of Ethiopia can be manageable.
    Activism for statehood often lead to violence , displacements , conflicts and animosities that last for generation’s, so the East African peace prize winner PM should turn his eyes to within Ethiopia and help Ethiopian ethnicities skip the violence part and give all ethnicities the chance to hold a referendum for their statehood at the same time soon . It could easily be included in the next election of May 2020 just asking ethnicities if they want their own statehood or not .

    Peace among ethnicities had ended up deteriorating to this stage in 2019 because all ethnicities had not been treated equaly by Melea Zenawi Lencho Letta group with few having their own States and many others not having their own states.
    If all were given the referendum to create their own states by Lencho Letta and Meles Zenawi transitional.government then all these civil wars , displacements , church burnings , exiles and crimes we see today would not have taken place.

  2. Subject: “Wolayta statehood question is not reversible activists, borkena, December, 13, 2019″

    Humble Opinion, 16 Dec 2019
    Indeed, Modern Ethiopia has to face the consequence of dictatorial imperial decisions of the past. May the present and future generations of Ethiopia take the task of narrating, in written form, the entire CRIME perpetrated by past, self-appointed, rulers, attempting to liquidate the identity and proper names of people. But the TRUTH can NEVER be hidden for eternity. Consequently JUSTICE will prevail no matter how long it takes.

    THANKS goes to the Management of for providing us with the platform to express our ideas, feelings in search for the TRTUTH.

  3. Elections had been postponed twice so far, because EPRDF claimed the electoral board is not yet able to ensure a free , fair and democratic election in Ethiopia .


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