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Over 449 illegal weapons seized in Bahir Dar

In less than four months, at least about 1000 illegal handguns are captured in Bahir Dar, not to mention other regions of Ethiopia.

 illegal handguns _ Bahir Dar _ Ethiopia
captured illegal handguns. Photo credit : AMMA

December 16, 2019

Over 449 illegal handguns are seized in Bahir Dar, the seat of Amhara regional state, in Western Ethiopia. The guns appear like the ones that security authorities in the past described as “Turkey made hand guns.”

According to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) report on Monday which cited the region’s police commission as a source, the handguns were seized from a tenant who rented a room in Emperor Tewodros II sub-city in Semaetat locality. 

The identity of the suspect is not disclosed. He lived in the unit for about a month.  The source also said that police were tipped that the person rented out ISUZU pick up truck to transport the guns to the place that he rented.

Commander Mesert Debalkie, head of communication and media development, said that the illegal arms were seized in a joint operation with the city’s anti-riot police and the 5th police division in the city.

The origins and destination of the illegal arms is not yet determined. However, borkena has learned that an investigation is established to determine the source of illegal arms circulation.

According to the report by AMMA, landlords now have a responsibility to have a copy of the identification card of their tenants and know their identity.

Amhara regional state is one of the regions in the country where the illegal circulation of firearms has become a persistent problem.

As much as the capture of illegal firearms and foreign currency is making news headlines media outlets in the country, there are those Ethiopians who tend to think that perhaps the number of smugglers who are not captured is higher.

In September of this year, nearly 500 illegal handguns and over 46,000 ammunition were captured in the same city.

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