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Getachew Reda seeks a televised meeting with EPRDF leadership

Lump in his throat during an interview with Tigray Media House, Getachew Reda said he is even unable to move freely in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia,out of security concerns. 

Getachew Reda _ Tigray Media House _ Tigray _ Ethiopia
Getachew Reda during an interview with Tigray Media House. Photo : screenshot from video

December 16, 2019

Getachew Reda, an executive committee member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), said on Monday that there are clear signs of disintegration of Ethiopia.

He said so during an interview with Tigray Media House when he was asked if he thinks that Ethiopia is already disintegrated.

To substantiate his point that Ethiopia is disintegrating, he cited, among other things, that he was unable to attend the funeral of his best friend, apparently outside of the Tigray region and due to security concern.

He also talked about the Prosperity Party (PP) in an attempt to demonstrate what he thinks is the level of illegality with the current leadership under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Prosperity Party has no legal basis and does not meet the requirement to be legally registered,” he said. One of the legal grounds on which Getachew Reda, and TPLF by extension, criticize the party is that it was “voted in as a ruling party under the umbrella of EPRDF, not as Prosperity Party” while admitting that it could be argued that the last election was problematic.

The party was formed after eight former members and ally parties of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) merged. And the party has submitted an application to the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) seeking recognition as a political party the result of which is not yet disclosed. 

Getachew Reda accuses Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, among other things, that he has no respect whatsoever to Ethiopia’s Election Board.

For him, the EPRDF leadership, that is poised to be leaders of Prosperity Party should the Election Board recognize it as a party, is worse that past EPRDF leadership in terms of violating rules of the game.

If there is any single message that he wanted to convey so badly is that he (and his TPLF colleagues) seem to like a televised meeting with EPRDF leadership. Or else, they threaten to expose “secrets they know.”  

Watch his  full interview below.

Video : embedded from Tigray Media House YouTube channel
Cover photo : Screenshot  from video

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  1. First of all EPRDF against of constitution and wasn’t followed the constitution rules, abusing the people, torched so many people, corruption , and division of ethnic and so many people were person, so then was it EPRDF specially TPLF keeping the rule of constitution ? My answer No.
    Why Getachew Reda open his mouth about constitution rules.
    My View is the last 29 years in Ethiopian no government at all.

  2. It reminds me the time when Rush Limbaugh was daring Obama to a televised debate in 2008 when Obama proved to be the front runner. Imagine a high school runaway dueling in debate with a polished Harvard grad man of letters. I find this rather funny, very funny. Like it was written: Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Alex, say that again!!! Ok, the answer is no, then what? Revisit Dedebit? Too fat to even think about!!!

  3. Game hezbu lai yemichawetu yimeslal Mengist. Yahunu mengist aydelem jawaren, tplfen endegelegut endiboreburu yemiyadergut lemindin niw? Ityopianochin be 3 menged yatekalu malet niw : 1 he jawar tikat, 2 he tplf tikat 3 ye mengist erasu tikat. Bezih menged, ityooianochin yemadakem, yematfat zede niw

  4. Ye Mesfin W /Mariam jegninetin zerzurelegn :

    Eras wedad, mesehaf bemeshet yenore, H/selassien yabteletele niw. Hulum yaderegewen lemedebek medrek lai azagn mesai /tagay mesai selerasu yawerana, yderegew, minalbatin ageren asalfo endemestet yahil mistir tedebiko, medrek tesetuachew jegna meslew abzagnawochu eyameletu niw ketifatachew

  5. Bemeketel…

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    Debuben betemelekete, debub, ye shabia ashker be3gna dereja tekemtual. Denuben lematkat berasu hezb ena lemekotater kelal niw

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  7. Maybe TPLF is once again trying to Infiltrate their way back to the the engineering of the farm tractors currently underway by National Industrial Engineering Corporation formerly known as Metals and Engineering Corporation ( METEC). Based on a knocked-down export agreement concluded between National Industrial Engineering Corporation formely known as Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) and Ursus SA, Polish agriculture equipment producer, MetEC is prepared to take delivery of the first 1,500 tractors from the latter.

    There are five models that are being supplied and they are either completely or partially knocked-down. This makes National Industrial Engineering Corporation AKA MetEC the first company to operate an assembly line for the Polish manufacturer.

    According to Robert Pietrzyk, trade specialist and coordinator of the Ethiopia project at Ursus headquarters at Lublin, tractors installed with 50, 80 and 110 horsepower which are in a complete knocked-down form will be supplied to National Industrial Engineering Corporation AKA MetEC starting from the end of September. These tractors will need as many as 60 assembly processes to put together and set them for use.

    The other two types of tractors, 140 and 180 horsepower tractors, will be in a semi-knocked-down form having a relatively less assembling work. Pietrzyk noted, his company will provide the necessary equipments for the setting up of a proper assembly line in National Industrial Engineering Corporation AKA MetEC and train as well as support Ethiopian professional both abroad in the country.

    “We have already delivered five tractors for presentation in January together with spare parts and equipment for assembly lines,” Pietrzyk added. He furthered the first batch to be delivered for National Industrial Engineering Corporation AKA MetEC have already been manufactured and they are currently being packed.

    Another agreement for the supply of 1,500 tractors is expected to be concluded in the coming year. In addition to this, the tractors intended for Ethiopia and are currently in the production line are also slightly customized versions of their original models on account of the desired specifications and the price that the Ethiopian markets can pay, the coordinator noted.

    The first batch of operators from National Industrial Engineering Corporation AKA MetEC are being expected to come to Poland for the purpose of completing their training hours required for making the assembly line work, the coordinator noted. He added, “We are not only selling our products to National Industrial Engineering Corporation AKA MetEC, we are in fact selling the technology and knowhow”.

    Ursus is relying on this project to decide on its approach of entering the neighboring country markets. If the current steps up to the plate, Ursus wishes to penetrate the regional (Eastern Africa) market through National Industrial Engineerring Corporation AKA MetEC by exporting to the countries in the region.

  8. Abiy has no time for someone like you. You and your look alikes have one of two choices; either help the initiatives by the Nobel Laureate, or shut up. Either one will be a contribution….


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