Ethiopian man, father of four reportedly missing in Atlanta

December 16, 2019

Tesfu Gebru, Ethiopian man and a father of four, is reportedly missing in Atlanta. According to Mereja, Ethiopian News, which in turn cited another Ethiopian news source- Admas Radio, Tesfu, did not return home since Sunday, December 9.

His spouse, Mekdes, told Admas radio that she has reported the matter to the police. However, Mekdes, said that she was told that her husband could return and to wait.  She first called her husband when did not return from work at the time he normally does. She continued to call him until Monday morning (December 10) and she reported to the police.

Police declined to register her husbands’ name as a missing person since it had not been 24 hours by that time since he was missing, said Mekdes.

“…he is my husband, my brother, and my father, and we have four children,” she said as cited by Mereja. She needs the support of Ethiopians in finding her husband.

Police have established that his credit card was used at a gas station on Monday but there was no video footage in the gas station, and hence unclear to tell if it was him or not.

Tesfu Gebru lived in Atlanta for about twenty years.

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