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Ethiopia’s possible scenarios in 20 years from now – Part II

December 13, 2019

Arts World TV has aired part II of the interview about four possible scenarios Ethiopia could have in 20 years time, and we are pleased to feature it.

The best scenario is labelled as “Negat” – which translates as dawn. The rest are essentially opposites of it.

As in Part I , Kejela Merdasa, public relations head of  Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Yeshiwas Assefa (Chairman of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice) and  Dr, Desalegne Chanie (from National Movement of Amhara) are featured.

Watch below ( interview is in Amharic)

Video : Embedded from Arts TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Ethiopia would need many human rights defenders to reach 2039 .


  2. Now it is time for TPLF with his excellency Debretsion Gebremichael to exercise our legal right of representing EPRDF along with representing the people of Ethiopia in the world stage ,.since the other EPRDF parties members willingly abandoned their federal legislative power leaving all the federal legislative power to TPLF.

    Prosperity Party is not a legal entitled to hold the legislature. EPRDF and only EPRDF is a legal entity that currently holds the federal legislative power, Prosperity Party is illegally holding the Prime Minister’s office , with illegally borrowing $3 billion dollars without any legal entitlement to do so. Unless FDRE suffered a coup there is no other explanation for Prosperity to claim any federal legislative power , only EPRDF can do that.

  3. Nothing much won’t change . Querro will still be Querro, with history repeating itself. Historically Derg did try to give the farm land to the tiller right after when the Derg’s revolution overthrew the feudal adharis but at the time the Querro tiller was so busy running around hunting cattles eating meat everyday allday, the farms were abandoned.

    In the mid 1970s when monarchy was overthrown the Querro farmers were acting As what we see now with those Querros that claim “we are yegizew sewoch now ” saying “it is our turn to
    oppress .” The tillers 45 years ago Rather than farming they cotinued to rob “adharis” and kill by joining abyot tebaqi who deg gave license to kill at some point.The Querro Abyot tebaqis were Even killing edget behibret zemecha participants for not farming the Quertis farms and paying taxes to the Querro Abyot tebaqis . The ex-tillers abyot tebaqis wanted to become the feudal lords by forcefully trying to make the edget behibret zemecha participants Querros owned chisegnas which ignited the white terror to be followed by the red terror followed by the Tigres starvation leading to Tigres uprising , finally Derg got convinced by CIA to relinquish it’s power to CIA agent Legese Zenawi, as now Abiy is sent to infiltrate EPRDF sent as replacement of Legesse.


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