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Norwegian PM Erna Solberg says her country will support Ethiopia’s effort to re-establish navy

Norway pledged to offer capacity building support, among other things, to Ethiopia’s effort to re-establish navy

Abiy Ahmed _ Erna Solberg _ Norway _ Ethiopia
Norwegian PM Erna Solberg sees as PM Abiy puts his signature. Photo credit : OPME

December 11, 2019

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed is making his Nobel Peace Prize trip to Norway a working visit too. A day before the event, he met with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. His office disclosed that the two prime ministers discussed issues of political and economic nature concerning the reform measure that Abiy Ahmed is leading.

And a day after ceremonious Nobel Peace Prize event at Oslo City where Abiy Ahmed gave a highly rated Nobel Lecture, he is meeting with his Norwegian counterpart, Erna Solberg.

Re-establishing Ethiopia’s navy was among the issues discussed in their meeting. The Office of Prime Minister of Ethiopia disclosed that the two leaders have agreed to collaborate in the area. Norway pledges support in terms of capacity building and exchange programs among other things. According to local news sources, Ethiopia has sent about 1000 navy recruits to Russia for training. France is also involved in the effort to rebuild the Ethiopian navy.  

The two leaders have also discussed regional peace and stability, based on information from the office of the Prime Minister.

Abiy Ahmed also met with Tone Trøen, the President of the Norwegian Parliament, a customary practice Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Addis Ababa City administration has organized a “hero’s welcome” as Abiy returns from Norway on Thursday in the morning. 

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  1. Ethiopia is landlocked. In a country of so much urgent needs Why is navy a priority now?

    Are we expected to fight another proxy war with Yemen , Somalia , Eritrea , Egypt or who ?

    Or is it that the satellite Ethiopia is sending to outer space predicting that climate change is going to cover Djibouti with water giving Ethiopia border a water port ?

  2. Hesqiyas

    Saudi Arabia navy is too strong it is scary for Ethiopia the Christian island to sit idle without a navy. In Pensacola Florida USA recently one Saudi Arabia naval soldier personell attacked murdered three US Navy soldiers personnel by himself wounding almost ten others.

  3. Norwegian YARA fertilizer is the base of the start of foreign loan dependency foreign colonization perpetrated against Ethiopia.

    Prosperity. = Ediget
    Medemer = Behibret

    Prosperity medemer formation = Edget Behibret zemecha formation

    Prosperity medemer is not a political party, it is a dergs edget Behibret zemecha with a potential of turning into SAWA style national service designed to oppress the citizens .

    EPRDF was and still continues to be the only political party in power .
    TPLF and TEAM LEMMA are the only ones remaining to hold in political power in the last two years in Ethiopia . Team Lemma is not able to destroy TPLF, as team Lemma destroyed Ambachew , Asaminew……so TPLF is very much alive contending power of team Lemma.

    Other political and Civic organizations had been systemically weakened in the last two years by both team Lemma and TPLF , prohibited from holding gathering meetings rallies in Tigrai by TPLF, same as political and Civic organizations were systemically weakened by team Lemma in many occasions prohibited from holding gatherings rallies in other parts of Ethiopia by Team Lemma .

    Now team Lemma and TPLF are the two contestants for political power, other political parties are made more weaker than they were two years ago , Prosperity Meder is more of a crusade (edget behebret zemecha) or a semi SAWA STYLE national service than a political party. MBA holder philosopher Abiy have failed miserably in sharing the political power, due to that reason he is in a verge of loosing his home base the Oromos trust with even Abo Lemma willing to sink with him and also Abiy.lost Amaras trust since had arrested many Amara Baladera Nama’s falsely accusing them taking part in the “coup”, which Team Lemma including Abiy himself orchasterated “secretly” with the secret being out Abiy’s credibility is diminished. He killed Ambachew , Asaminew … Arrested NAMA Baladera to systematically weaken the possible contenders from Amara region that were claiming to contribute for the so called change that were constantly reaching out in rural areas for supports vote which got YARA fertilizer so angry. The Norwegian fertilizer company YARA sells so much fertilizer to Ethiopia it gave Meles Zenawi an award for addicting the land with fertilizer, the land stopped producing without the fertilizer after YARA using Meles Zenawi forcefully addicted.the land. Now the rural farmers got no other choice but to vote for the fertilizer loan giver team Lemma, especially with Ambachew out the way team Lemma is saying “who Wolqait and Raya belonged to before the TPLF constitution we don’t talk about it” with fertilizer addicted farmers not making complaints since they are under tight control with fertilizer . To emancipate Ethiopians in a country where 80+ million of the people are subsistence farmers addicted to fertilizer gotten through loans, first the farm land must be able to be emancipated from fertilizer addiction.Norwegian consultants should give us the cure for the fertilizer addiction.

    Also we hear Aboy Sebhat Nega of TPLF blaming Getachew Assefa for not killing Demeke Mekonnen same as Abo Lemma Megersa is angry at Abiy for not shutting Eakinder Nega one way or the other.
    ODP team Lemma is almost a replica of TPLF team Sebhat with
    official post in TPLF post in team Lemma
    Aboy Sebhat.,,…………………. is Abo Lemma
    Getachew Assefa ………………..Is Abiy Ahmed
    Debretsion Gebremichael….is Shimeles Abdissa

    Similarity Of former Ally friends .
    Former friend of Sebhat Former friend
    of Lemma
    Isayas Afewierki………… is Muktar Kedir

    Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has coined a watchword, ‘Medemer’, to unite people around his new national service Prosperity edget behbet zemecha

    As elections draw near, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s new Prosperity Party makes significant progress, but his political national service rebranding exercise is under time pressure.

    As Ethiopia gears up for its May 2020 elections, three of the four members of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition have voted to join the Prosperity national service edget Behibret zemecha Abiy Ahmed’s new development edget behbet crusade called Prosperity formation.

    Five regional parties, from Afar, Gambella, Harari, Benishangul Gumz and Somali regions have also joined the Prosperity edget behbet zemecha formation crusade.

    The lone holdout in the ruling party is the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which has seen its power wane under Abiy’s rule.

    “The move to disband the EPRDF weakens the federal system and takes away the rights of the people to self-administration,” Debretsion Gebremichael, chair of the TPLF, said at a news conference. “The drive to form a united party does not consider the existing situations in the country.”
    The PP marks the end of the EPRDF as an alliance of four parties, nearly three decades after it came to power.

    While the TPLF’s opposition to the merger was expected, Abiy’s new party has also been criticised by some of his allies and core supporters.

    The most prominent of them, defence minister Lemma Megersa, told VOA’s Afaan Oromo Service: “Merging this party is not timely as there are many dangers. We are in transition.”
    “Until they tell me to leave the organisation I will struggle holding on to the difference I have. It is not just me, there are many who have misgivings about this and are willing to struggle for it,” he said.
    Oromo doubts
    While Lemma’s comments have received the most attention, his opposition to the plan may point to the fact that Abiy’s biggest challenge will be how to sell the new Prosperity crusade Edget Behbet zemecha to the Oromo.

    Lemma’s criticism is significant for the future, as he is also the deputy chairman of the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), Abiy’s current party.

    The minister, whose resignation as chair of the then OPDO cleared the route for Abiy to become prime minister, also said he does not subscribe to Abiy’s ‘Medemer’ Behibret edget zemecha formation philosophy .

    While there are obvious advantages to joining the national formation, constituent parties are also worried about the effect it will have on their home fronts.

    Too soon?
    Other critics are worried about the timing, too.

    “One of the most immediate challenges to PP is that it will be difficult to win a free and competitive election as a pan-Ethiopian party while ethnicity remains the predominant political cleavage,” argues Awol K Allo.

    He also says that, for some in Ethiopia, “the fusion of the distinct entities that represented the various ethnic groups marks a return to Ethiopia’s centralising and homogenising past.”
    Plans for an EPRDF merger have been in the works since 2008, but they gained momentum as part of Prime Minister Abiy’s political reforms.

    The reforms, which have included releasing political detainees and removing parties from terror lists, have resulted in an exponential growth in the number of recognised parties.
    In November, the Sidama people voted to form their own state, which will further increase the number of political players in the country.
    While launching the new party on 1 December, Abiy said that it had “prepared [a] clear programme and bylaws as well as a 10-year plan that leads Ethiopia to prosperity”.

    With just five months to the polls, the party will have to depend on the legacy of its predecessor, while also trying to distance itself from it.

    “The EPRDF party brand has collapsed,” Girmachew Alemu, an associate professor at Addis Abeba University, recently wrote in the Addis Standard: “Paradoxically, the strength and weakness of the Prosperity Party is closely linked with the legacy of the EPRDF.”

    The Prosperity edget Behibret zemecha formation Crusade strength is based on its iinheritance of, among others, fertilizer Monopoly , the financial and human resources, mass networks, and political, economic, and social achievements of the EPRDF .

    But this inheritance will also include all of EPRDF’s “authoritarian baggage”, and the new party will have to find a way to do things differently.

    Abiy’s extensive reforms will provide a foundation for the Prosperity Party’s brand. But it will still have to compete with regional parties on their home turf, and navigate multiple issues including ethnicity and the politics of federal city.


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