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Oromo Liberation Front toiling to forge alliance with other ethnic based Fronts

Oromo Liberation Front _ alliance
Meetings of the ten political parties at the Elilly Hotel in Addis Ababa. Photo credit : FBC

December 6, 2019

With more than 100 opposition political parties, many of which are ethnic nationalist parties, Ethiopia is perhaps the leading country in Africa, if not the world, with a high number of political parties.

In recent times many of them are toiling to craft coalitions in the tradition of dying Ethiopia’s ruling coalition.  Coalition politics is not entirely new to Ethiopia, however.

Two days ago Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) initiated “Federalist Forces” announced the formation of “Federalist Forum” after two days of meeting in Mekelle. It is a new attempt on the part of TPLF after members of the coalition it architected rejected its political ideology, albeit after 28 years.  The new attempt is branded as a political force with a vision “to defend the constitution and the Federal system.”

It seems Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), whose leader vowed a landslide win in the upcoming Ethiopian election, is also trying to forge its coalition.

VOA Amharic service reported on Friday that 10 opposition groups in the country have reached an agreement to “work together.” Most of them are liberation Fronts, ethnic-based ones, and they aspire to form a coalition.

The agreement was signed at Elilly International Hotel in the capital Addis Ababa.

According to VOA Amharic service, the parties reached an agreement to work together are:

  • Afar People’s Liberation Party
  • Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement for Peace and Freedom
  • Gambella People’s Liberation Front
  • Kaffa Green Party
  • Qimant Democratic Party
  • Mocha Democratic Party
  • Ogaden National Liberation Front (OLF)
  • Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
  • Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)
  • Agaw National Council

Oromo Liberation Front chairman, Dawud Ibsa, said the agreement is an initial step to work together during the next national election.

“The coalition is based on equality and aims to create unity based on justice,” Woldamanuel Zenebe, representative of the Qimant Democratic Party, is cited as saying.

Not all the parties have attended the signing ceremony of the “agreement.” Gambella Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), and Agaw National Council did not attend it.  ONLF said that it was unable to attend the meeting due to schedule related reasons. The other two parties did not explain their absence.

Most of the parties on the list were known to have a secessionist agenda in the past. Some, for example, Oromo Liberation Front, have tried to challenge the Ethiopian government through an armed struggle for a long time but their armed struggle did not bear fruit. They entered Ethiopia for a “peaceful struggle” after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration invited armed political groups to return to Ethiopia and struggle peacefully in 2018. 

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  1. This is such a good news , with all these parties working as one there is no need to close roads to capture criminals.
    The reason why the roads were being closed wasnot made public because it was believed to be defeating the whole purpose of closing the roads. Now with the current state of the country as a whole the reason why the roads were closed is being made public on a need to know basis , finally those that closed the roads are geting the praises and credits they deserved.

    The roads were closed to capture wanted serial killers and other violent criminals that were on the run. Once the criminals got captured the roads got opened immediately. The brave people took it upon themselves to insure safety by ABA Gaddaa way, since the law enforcement agencies were unable to insure safety because of bureaucracy red tapes they follow of the failed legal system, ABA Gaddaa system is proven to be effective,the time to replace the failed legal system with ABA Gadda is now.

  2. I don’t see any problem parties coming together to form a united front. The purpose of all unity should be to bring peace, justice , unity among all Ethiopians and improved standard of living to the lower income group, and jobs to young.

  3. Subject: “Oromo Liberation Front toiling to forge alliance with other ethnic based Fronts, borkena, December 6, 2019”

    Short Commentary
    One wishes the ten notable parties, meeting at the Elilly Hotel in Addis Ababa, will have ONE objective to save Ethiopia as ONE entity, for the benefit of the 110million people. Sadly, however, this is asking too much from individuals who are tuned to self-benefit and hungry for power — replacing past emperors, modern day socialist and outright illiterate vagabonds. How about the educated intellectuals, holding the top most Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from outstanding Universities around the Globe? As the Ethiopian insightful saying goes >>> ‘ Don’t You Have a DEAD Relative’ ?!?!

    If the above summation is too harsh, it is the prerogative of to throw it in the waste basket. The TRUTH however will always be gnawing at us and the physical situation of OUR BLACK AFRICA will always deteriorate for the benefit of the age old colonial hungry powers to emaciate Africa to its bone. It is not a joke. It is shameful portrait of OURSELVES, BLACK AFRICA.

  4. Democracy with transparent vote and election is always good and beneficial to all. However those in power and sitting to be elected did not come through vetted election process but rather by the act of brutality, unscrupulous and unethical means. Therefore the country is hungry for ethical and a well deserved people with merits, education, hard work and lived a clean life. That is the only way to live in democracy and ethical governance.

    OLF and Jawar are learning Ethiopian history from Egypt and Arab countries instead of their own families and people.

    Egypt is fanning propaganda about Christians how past Emperors were levying Muslims for being Muslims, Muslims were enslaved, Abiy Ahmed is Muslim and there is no country called Ethiopia and many other false propaganda about the past rulers of Ethiopia.


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